Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The United States of Decline: America Unravels

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The United States of Decline: America Unravels: Deroy Murdock
Really? Stop Lying Rethuglicans: Karl Denninger
Dead Souls in the Republican Leadership: John T. Bennett

All In The Communist Family: NoisyRm
.00001 Billion Rising: Another Failed Mass Movement: Zombie
Local, Local, Local: Western Rifles

Rigidity and Arrogance Prevent Obama From Solving Problems: Mona Charen
The Biggest Donors In American Politics Give To Democrats: LoneCon
Jerrold Nadler: Stupid vs. Evil: Regular Right Guy

Rand Paul Bails on Bringing Change to Washington: Leon Wolf
Stockman Closing Gap on Cornyn in Latest TX Senate Poll: TPNN
Ken Paxton for Texas Attorney General: Erick Erickson


5 years later: How’s that Wreckovery working out for ya?: Michelle Malkin
Chase Imposes New Capital Controls on Cash Deposits: DC Clothesline
China Fooled the World (But It Cannot Last): Mish

Scandal Central

Spy Chief: We Should’ve Told You We Track Your Calls: Eli Lake
The United States of Regulation: Daley Gator
The FCC Plan To Police The Newsrooms: IBD

Climate & Energy

The Climate Change hoax, continued: Protein Wisdom
Killing Coal is a ‘Losing Proposition For The Country and For Democrats’ : Nice Deb
Al Gore’s global-warming rhetoric is put on ice: Andrea Peyser


How furiously is Politico spinning this DCCC Obamacare memo?: Moe Lane
Donna Brazile: Dumber Than Ever: Caleb Howe
RUSH: Wouldn’t It Be Great If Michelle Obama Decided To Run Against Hillary?: Daily Rushbo

Dave Ramsey lays it out that ObamaCare is communism: CFP
Krauthammer: FDR had Hoover Dam, Ike the interstates, Obama stimulus gave us ruins of Solyndra plant: Scoop
Democrats’ “Rewriting” Their Congressional Oath of Office: Sentinel

The Failure of Obama’s Aristocracy of Merit: Michael Barone
NBC's Gregory and Bill Nye Team Up to Denounce Global Warming Skepticism: Kyle Drennen
My two cents on the Ellen Page thing: Here's My Thing


“Electing A New People in America and Britain”: Peter Brimelow
Another Galling Betrayal: Thomas Sowell
What's going on in Venezuela in a nutshell: Fausta

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Iranian hack of US Navy network was more extensive and invasive than previously reported: Verge
Snowden documents reveal that the NSA spied on WikiLeaks website visitors: Engadget
Will This Guy Be The First Person To Go From PlayStation To F1?: Jalopnik


The Ears Again: Earl of Taint
Easy, Bill (NSFW): It Ain't Holy Water
Porsche Confirms They Have Asked Dealers To Stop Selling 991 GT3s: Flat Sixes

Image: Protesters And Police Clash in Bangkok Leaving At Least 3 Dead And 58 People Injured
Sponsored by: HAD ENOUGH? Help Fire Mitch McConnell -- Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "Well I think a tweet like that (Dan Pfeiffer tweet) would appear out of touch given that the overwhelming sentiment in the country is that this is, and in fact is the weakest recovery since the 2nd World War. The highest chronic unemployment…it’s basically a jobless recovery with millions of Americans leaving – not even looking to get a job because they are so discouraged and the recovery is so weak.

You know it isn’t as if the only alternative was this monstrous stimulus versus nothing. You could have had tax cuts and deregulation. Instead it was a gift to all kinds of democratic constituencies. And as a result, all this money is spent.

FDR at least left behind a Hoover dam. Ike left behind the interstate highway system. This thing as predicted hasn’t left a trace in the sand except the ruins of the Solyndra plant." --Charles Krauthammer

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