Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Sen. Cruz vows to force 60-vote threshold to raise debt ceiling in Senate

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Sen. Cruz vows to force 60-vote threshold to raise debt ceiling in Senate: Scoop
GOP votes to restore COLA, but kicks debt can down the road: Allen West
Levin Shreds Boehner; Says He Must Be Replaced: Breitbart

Cruz, Paul top huge Tea Party poll; Christie, Bush dead last: Paul Bedard
Eric Holder exposes himself in Sweden: Neil Munro
I believe that it is time for the Beck Song in the #sdmayor election.: Moe Lane

An End to Fair Elections: Betsy McCaughey
Money in Politics and the Hypocrisy of the Left: Power Line
Congressman Nadler: Republicans “Just Want People to Starve”: MenRec

SCF Targets Boehner Over GOP’s debt ceiling surrender: Dan Riehl
King Obama: OlBroad
Uhm, Illinois partners with The Onion to sell Obamacare: NakedDC


Why Democrats Hate Work: Ben Shapiro
First Lady Tweets Pic of Her Dogs Living Better than You Do: Bryan Preston
The Privileged People: John Stossel

Scandal Central

It's a scandal much worse than New Jersey: JWF
Obama’s New Delay of Employer Mandate Violates Plain Language of Law: CNS
Eric Holder: Return voting rights to felons after release: Times

Culture of Corruption Postscript: The Hilda Solis Files: Michelle Malkin
One down: Eric Holder stepping down: DC Clothesline
Announcement of AG Eric Holder's Departure may be Premature: NewAm

Climate & Energy

CNBC Host: Al Gore a ‘Charlatan,’ and a ‘Villain.’: Sean Long
Berkeley Climate Scientist: IPCC Predictions ‘Getting Worse’: Sean Long
About that "settled science": Daley Gator


Halperin: Wow, this ObamaCare change just “screams of politics,” huh?: Ed Morrissey
NBC White House Producer: #BOWDOWN to Michelle O!: TruthRevolt
Hilarious article from The Onion: “Conservative Acquaintance Annoyingly Not Racist”: YoungCons

‘Impeach the President’: Erick Erickson
Tim Scott tells Hannity what really gets under his skin about attacks on Black conservatives: Scoop
Palin tells Hannity GOP needs to reload, not retreat – on her 50th birthday: Scoop


Obama's Hollow Promises Abroad: Daniel Pipes
The Winter Olympics week Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean: Fausta
Awesome! – French Reporter Nails Socialism And Anti-Capitalism In Front Of Obama: IM41

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

11 Graphs That Show Everything That is Wrong With The Modern Diet: Kris Gunnars
Intricate 3D Printed Materials Lighter Than Water And As Strong as Steel: SingularityHub
Minnesota Now Offering Enhanced Drivers Licenses: Keloland


“Because Work is a Beautiful Thing” No, wait; that’s not right.: MOTUS
Homeland Security Drops all Pretense with “Zombie Max” Purchase: Joe for America
Sad News: Shirley Temple Black, Beloved Child Star & Diplomat, Passes at Age 85: Frugal Cafe

Image: Warmal Colding Threatens Travel in U.S. South
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QOTD: "The trouble with Obamacare is its enormous complexity, which very few people fully understand. Legislators and citizens alike have to stumble in the dark as Obama decides where and how and when the legislation is applied. Someone complains? He can save the day with his pen and his phone. But he only picks up for powerful interests, not the millions of individual Americans negatively affected by Obamacare. The president simply puts them on hold or hangs up altogether." --Natalie deMacedo

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