Saturday, February 22, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Democrat politicians caught laughing it up over just how bad Obamacare is

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Democrats caught laughing it up about how bad Obamacare is: YoungCons
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The Ted Cruz Majority: Jeffrey Lord
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Obamacare Turns Mass. From Model To Mayhem: RWN
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ObamaCare kills another 33k jobs, cuts hours for thousands more: John Hayward
Hundreds Of California State Employees Paid Over $400K/Year: Mark Bucher
Retired Sheriff: $276,000 per Year Pension Is Not Enough: MB

Scandal Central

Obama's FCC Becomes the Ministry of Truth: AWD
Cartoons: Freedumbing of the Press: Hopenchange
Former CIA official accused of misleading lawmakers on Benghazi: Catherine Herridge

Climate & Energy

Climate Scientist: “Global Warming Nazis” Threaten Humanity: Alex Newman


Battleground Texas, the Texas Media, and Wendy’s Choice: Bryan Preston
Fired for Teaching the Constitution: Interview w/ KrisAnne Hall: Politichicks
Texas Tribune Duped by Dem Operative on Battleground Texas Scandal: Ken Klukowski

Liberals Are Playing Whac-A-Mole For 2016: Glob
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News photographers protest president’s closed meeting with Dalai Lama: Twitchy
Networks Minimize Coverage of Anti-Socialist Protests in Venezuela: NB
Howard Stern: “I will never vote Democrat again, they are Communists.”: Minority Report


“Hundeds” of Syrian “refugees” arriving in North Jersey, thousands more expected: Geller
Adviser Fired by Obama for Hamas Meeting Gets Top WH Security Job: JW
EGYPT rejects Barack Hussein Obama’s pick for new U.S. Ambassador: BNI

Apocalypse soon: Ukrainian president reportedly flees Kiev: Hot Air
Venezuela Explodes - Worse Than Kiev: Resister in the Rockies
Triple amputee veteran’s withering letter to Obama: Fellowship

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google announces Project Tango, a smartphone that can map the world around it: Jacob Kastrenakes
WhatsApp Shows How Phone Carriers Lost Out on $33 Billion: Bloomberg
Open Source Has Changed Everything: CIO Insight


I'm Melting!!!: Burning Platform
Girl Scout Does Brisk Business Selling Cookies Outside San Francisco Pot Club: NBC-5
Inside The Army’s Spectacular, Hidden Treasure Room: Benny Johnson

Image: President flees Kyiv, Yulia Tymoshenko to be freed from prison
Sponsored by: Had Enough of Mitch McConnell? Let's Fire Him: Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "When Obama jokes about being able to do whatever he wants, then turns around and hits an HBO producer up at a State Dinner for advanced copies of television shows to get him through an extended weekend, how are we as a desperate electorate supposed to react? We tolerate the luxuries afforded to our leaders. Just don't be a d*** about it.

How is a world currently engulfed in flames of revolution supposed to react?
The problem for a President who makes any excuse to hit up a golf course or admits to watching tons of HBO is there are still events in the world happening outside his windows. People are desperate for American leadership and can't wait for the killer on True Detective to be revealed.

Nobody in Kiev is interested in the fallout of the Red Wedding.

Nobody in Venezuela cares about the fate of Zoe Barnes…

At the height of violence that erupted with both protests this past weekend, where was he? Hosting a Hollywood premiere style party for #GeorgeClooney and cast of his film #TheMonumentsMen, in private at the White House, simply because he could. Right now in Kiev, historical statues and art are being burned in front of the world. He was content to remain silent and watch a movie about it happening instead. The real world does not interest this President. The set design does." --Stephen Miller

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Anonymous said...

Obama's priority must be to turn and align himself with America's God, America's values, and America's Constitution.
Until Barry repents he does not speak for me or for America, and he certainly does not have our permission as a Country to promote treachery, moral depravity, and cultural suicide. We are better than that. Nothing he does works, there's a clue there.
Just say NO.