Friday, February 21, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: DHS to Buy 704 Million Rounds of Ammo -- Adds up to 2,500 Rounds Per Officer

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DHS to Buy 704 Million Rounds of Ammo: 2,500 Rounds Per Officer: CNS
Here’s how you control the Obamacare messaging: Allen West
When you walk into a newsroom, just ignore Comrade Jerkoffovich: III Percent

Standing with Matt Bevin: Erick Erickson
Secretary Kerry: Leadership for a New Dark Age?: William R. Hawkins
Nitwit Democrat Domenic Recchia Declared an Obama "Dynasty" in '09: Scoop

How Likely Are Democrats to Lose the Senate?: Sean Trende
Sean Trende projects '14, nearly suffers total protonic reversal: Moe Lane
NJ Back Room Gun Deal: Limited to 10 round magazines: TruthRevolt


The minimum wage: a regressive tax on the poor and young: John Hayward
Reject Liberalism’s Economic Death Sentence On America: David Limbaugh
Obamacare tax to smack families with hundreds in new costs: Exam

Why Parents Are “Paranoid” About Common Core: Michelle Malkin
Teachers Union Slams 'Completely Botched' Common Core: IJR
Law of Bad Ideas: Mish

Scandal Central

WARNING: Obama poised to kill the free press: RWN
James O’Keefe Catches Battleground Texas engaged in illegal voter registration scheme: RWN
Sen. McCaskill's Husband Benefitted From $20 Million in Stimulus Funds: NLPC

Climate & Energy

WSJ to Kerry: Flat Earthers were the “consensus” position: Hot Air
Agenda 21: Long-Sought Control of Natural Resources and Minds Through Marxism: MagNote
All your LED light bulbs are belong to Big Brother: WyBlog


‘Every Major Repressive Regime of the Modern Era Has Begun with Universal Healthcare’: TPNN
More Evidence Refutes “Record Deportations” MSM Myth: VDARE
Yo, Media: The Last 7 Mass Shootings were Comitted by Left Wing Liberals: TPNN

Washington Post defies petition, publishes Charles Krauthammer’s ‘climate lies’: Twitchy
Thomas Sowell Gets It Wrong on Cruz, Part II: Is He Starting to Come Around?: Patterico
Media Matters Finally Finds a ‘Local’ Story It Thinks Should Be Covered: Stephen Kruiser

Another Four Falsehoods About the Free Market: Sandy Ikeda, FEE
Salon Writer: ‘White Thuggery Marches On, Mowing Down Black Folks’: GWP
Mayor de Blasio’s Vehicle Caught Running Stop Signs, Speeding After Blasting Speed Limit Reduction: MenRec

Krauthammer’s Take: FCC Newsroom Study Latest ‘Trample on What Rights are Remaining’: NRO
The Mann I Love: Mark Steyn
Awesome: Western Rifles


Sinister Illusions: Masking Tragedy in Ukraine: Chris Floyd
UN's IAEA Says Iran Secretly Working To Put Nukes On Mid-Range Missile: Breitbart
Venezuelan beauty queen among six killed in continuing protests: BCF

The situation in Ukraine grows more desperate by the hour: Mish
US Votes Absent as Ukraine Burns: Ben Shapiro
Dearborn: Local Muslim calls for sharia patrols at city council meeting: Creeping

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

We Cracked The Code On How The Facebook News Feed Algorithm Works: Sean Davis, The Federalist
HHS Seeking Access to ‘Full Twitter Historical Data’: WFB
Microsoft Issues Emergency Fix For Internet Explorer Zero-Day: Dark Reading


Winter: Who Predicts it Better - The Government or the Farmers?: MOTUS
The State vs The People: Kiev's Independence Square: Before & After: American Digest
A Hillary 2016 bumper sticker only conservatives would want : Looking Spoon

Image: Stunning photos of Clint Bowyer's car flipping at Daytona
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QOTD: "When the First Amendment was written there was no radio and TV, obviously. So it was newspapers, pamphlets, it was the printed word. There’s literally no federal regulation of newspapers. And the only reason there is in broadcasting is because of this notion that the airwaves are public and the government issues licenses to broadcasters granting them permission to use those airwaves. But still, in the news division of those broadcast outlets, the First Amendment applies. But it doesn’t apply to cable because cable’s not over the air. The FCC has no authority over what’s on cable, even though they try to assert it, but it’s not over the air. So there is no public interest there.

Same thing with newspapers. Newspapers are totally off-limits, and yet the commissioner the FCC says they are “now expanding the bounds of regulatory powers to include newspapers, which it has absolutely no authority over, in its new government monitoring program. The FCC has apparently already selected eight categories of ‘critical information’ that ‘it believes local newscasters should cover.’

That’s right, the [Regime] has developed a formula of what it believes the free press should cover, and it is going to send government monitors into newsrooms across America to stand over the shoulders of the press as they make editorial decisions. … Every major repressive regime of the modern era has begun with an attempt to control and intimidate the press." --Rush Limbaugh


Anonymous said...

democrats to ban icicles next?

Anonymous said...

Well, they banned Jay Leno, and it didn't take long for Mooch to show up on Fallon. In fact I was keenly interested to see her slot on that show last for 2 minutes and 8 seconds.
And what's up with the Nuge hate? It was Barry hisself who called hisself a "mongrel". Gimmeabreak.