Monday, February 24, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Revolution in Ukraine Highlights the Importance of the Second Amendment

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Image: APD Chief Apologizes for Sexual Assault Comment After Jaywalking Jogger Arrest
Sponsored by: Hand Mitch McConnell a pink slip: Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "What we’ve seen in the Ukraine is the Government using their powers to arrest and murder civilians who can only respond with gasoline bombs and rocks.

The idea is that before some faceless Government bureaucrat orders the troops in they will have to stop and reflect on what they will do if the American population resists.

Only when Government is less powerful than the public can freedom exist.

And the only way the public can hold more leverage than the Government is if they are armed.

If we look through our history books we don’t see many examples of a population destroying itself but we do see numerous examples of a population being destroyed by its Government." --Capitol Commentary


Anonymous said...

The APD Chief's comments were ill advised the the extreme, but I find it hard to sympathize with an idiot who jogs with both headphones on and crosses lanes of traffic at will. It is foolish in residential streets, how much more so in a civic area. Pedestrians get killed and the cities get blamed - happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

What precedes the 2nd is the basic human right to resist what oppresses. Only slaves shrink back, and when Eric Holder says we have a duty to retreat - he speaks only for himself.

Anonymous said...

Weddings and Conscience? Business is business, the last time I did work for gays I charged them more, and I even smiled a lot.