Saturday, February 22, 2014

BREAKING: I Endorse J.D. Winteregg over John Boehner in #OH8

I had a chance to speak with John Boehner's primary challengers in OH-8 and came away very impressed with J.D. Winteregg. The man gets it. He gets the dire circumstances that the country is facing and he understands that John Boehner has been a singularly ineffective Speaker of the House. He needs to be unseated.

DRJ: J.D., tell us a little about yourself and your rationale for running against John Boehner.

JD: I'm a teacher part-time and an adjunct professor and am also working on my PhD at Ohio State. I've also lived abroad and gotten a sense of where socialism leads. At the time, it struck me that Marxism could never really take root here. I came back to the U.S. and worked for Sprint in the private sector down south until my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. So I came back to Ohio and started working in academia.

My time in the PhD program was enlightening: I was exposed to real progressivism, what they say behind the scenes. I've seen that the progressives are trying to destroy capitalism. The are doing so by undermining Christianity, the family, our economic system, etc.

During the 2012 campaign, I saw the GOP fail to react to the dire threats of progressivism. It was extremely disheartening. I was seeing that the Republicans had no concept of what they were up against. I felt the GOP had to change. We need real conservatives. And seeing Boehner operate as an enabler, I felt as though I had to run against him. We need fresh ideas, youth, articulate conservatism.

DRJ: When you say you view progressivism as a dire threat, help me understand the nature of what we face.

JD: It's the narrative. The left has a narrative and the Republicans, led by John Boehner, do not.

Think about this: Obama recently said that his greatest regret was that he didn't tell the story he wanted, that is how important the narrative is to the left. It is also that important to us. Taking Boehner out would send a message recognizing our disdain with Congress.

Bad policies will continue until the people enabling the policies change. Should the Speaker lose, we should use that spotlight to push a cultural change. We need populist support as a newcomer.

DRJ: What about your primary opponents other than Boehner? How do you distinguish yourself and do you worry about splitting the vote between you and other challengers?

JD: I assumed Boehner would throw people in to flood the vote, so I've been reaching out to new primary voters. I am trying to provide them with some hope. And I think they're going to vote "angrily". You can't accept the premises out there, which is why I've been reaching out to folks who aren't politically active. I just think I'm a better candidate than the others. You need to understand the progressive left and these are insights that I have from academia. I've been vetted; I don't think the others have been thoroughly vetted.

I go door-to-door. I've visited more than 20,000 houses. People want someone who is real. They want predictability, reliability and a principled person. I believe I'm a stark contrast to John Boehner and the others.

DRJ: Tell me about your take on the Debt Ceiling and our national fiscal situation.

JD: Back in 2010, Boehner said not one dime would go to fund Obamacare. He promptly rolled over. He's done that over and over again. He's presided over a $3 trillion increase in our debt. If I'd inherited the Speaker's gavel, I would've stood firm on principles.

He didn't even get spending cuts! And their language about cutting is really about cutting the increase in spending. Cutting spending addresses all of these issues. It's sickening what my generation is facing.

They talk about a war on women, well, Obama is waging a war on millenials.

We're fighting, we're working, we're paying... "war on women"? No, this is a war on millenials.

DRJ: What about Ted Cruz and the filibuster?

JD: Ted Cruz is brilliant. He understood the narrative. Think about what he did: he prevented a shift of the Beltway elites to immigration!

DRJ: Speaking of immigration...

JD: Once again, the Republican elites don't understand the narrative. They're following what the left dictates. Eight percent of Americans want to talk about immigration: why are we discussing this when the economy is so awful? The border needs to be secure.

And unless the border is secure, we won't talk about it. It's non-negotiable. Secure the border, period.

DRJ: What about national Defense?

JD: I have a lot of friends in the armed forces and, frankly, they tell me stories of massive waste. We need to be strong, but we have to cut waste. We need to have a strong international message and draw a firm line with predictable reactions. The Middle East is volatile because our message is so mixed. People are confused about what we're doing abroad.

Let's protect our borders and make sure we're only getting involved when it makes sense. We need to be clear on our rules of engagement and our reactions.

DRJ: With the "polar vortex", there's been a lot of discussion of climate change? What's your opinion and what about all of the regulations coming down from DC?

JD: I saw we work to control the narrative. Climate change is something progressives pushed to enact regulations as opposed to laws. This is the progressive's way to erode the capitalistic system.

The science is very questionable, in fact, it's a farce. It's agenda-driven 'science'.

They want control over the capitalistic system to push the "social justice" system... giving power to the UN, which makes no sense since countries like China aren't held to the same standard.

DRJ: What about taxes and our tax Structure? What would you change?

JD: We need to cut the corporate tax. I'm strongly in favor of the Fair Tax and would advocate repealing the 16th Amendment.

Compared to the Flat Tax, the Fair Tax I believe is superior. We could do away with the IRS. People get to keep their money; and if they're unhappy with the government they can restrict their spending.

It gives people more choice and improves free market operation. With a flat tax, we would still have the IRS. The government doesn't need to know how much people are earning. The Fair Tax ends all of this madness.

DRJ: Any final thoughts?

JD: I've been working on beating Boehner for 18 months, some of my competitors just materialized out of the woodwork over the last few months.

We need people to stand up to the establishment. We need more folks like Ted Cruz. We need young, principled voices. Justin Amash is a year older than me.

I'm ready.

Note: I strongly endorse J.D. Winteregg for Congress in Ohio District 8. It's time for John Boehner to go. Click here to support J.D. and please consider helping with your time or money.


Anonymous said...

useless rino obama lite boehner just bought a condo in florida .. if is behind in primary polls he wiil retire rather than lose .. let's give rino boehner a good send off

Anonymous said...

Boehner has over 11 million to spend on fighting his primary opponents. Winteregg needs a lot of donations to even get to $5,000. Boehner must be booted out. He is useless. Good luck JD. I hope you can mount a decent campaign against Boehner. He is the worst.

Anonymous said...

JD has until early May to drum up support. Get out there JD so you can build up your war chest. Buy media time and get in Ohioans' faces with your conservative principles. You can do it but not without money and visibility. Good luck! said...

ANYBODY over Boehner. Anybody.

Anonymous said...

The Fair tax is not the way to go. It will merely create a black market where the tax isn't paid. Plus, imagine a 20% sales tax on home or car purchases (20% is about the amount usually bandied about for the fair tax). Want to buy a $24,000 car? OK, there's your state's sales tax (say 5%), plus the 20% for the fair tax, and total cost is now $30,000. Want a good interest rate on the loan? Then you're going to need to finance no more than 80% of the sale price; but that is not including the taxes. So you'll need to put $10,800 down, or > 33% of your total cost, to get a 20% down payment. Think back to what happened to the US boat business when they instituted a 10% "luxury" tax during HW Bush's administration: it all but died. The fair tax will kill any big ticket item sales, except for those made in the shadow economy that will result.

What we need is a tax that everyone pays, and everyone pays the same. We need a per-person fixed fee. Everyone owes the same; no exceptions, waivers, or deductions. Can't pay: go to prison (which is what we do with people who don't pay now), or sell your vote. Allow people who pay another's tax bill to choose who gets to cast that person's vote.

Most of our problems with waste, crony capitalism, and overspending at the federal level are caused because, of the 240 million people of voting age, only 70 million pay federal taxes. 170 million people don't care about government's costs because they don't bear those costs. It seems reasonable to me that if I pay nothing to support government, I should have no say in who runs it and sets its policies (just as I have no say in what car you buy, since I am not helping to pay for it). And if you pay my tax bill, it seems reasonable to me that you get to choose who may cast my vote at the next election.

Of course, this scheme would require a change in the US Constitution. But any system of taxation which allows some to pay nothing while still allowing them to vote will eventually morph into the system we have now, with a majority of eligible voters paying no tax at all.

directorblue said...

@Anon-11:58 - please read the Fair Tax book (actually, a really fun read). These misconceptions are easily refuted.

Sales tax at point-of-sale is hard to evade for a retailer.

The idea behind the sales tax is that everyone pays something.

Seriously - read the book. It's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

time for conservatives to speak up in 2014 ....Boehner has promised illegals amnesty after Nov elections with the help of demoncrats and Boehner leaders.. vote them out before Americans lose all their freedoms to lying Obama , his obamacare democrats and Washington establishment ruling class rino republicans

Anonymous said...

Another candidate: What about

These guys will just split the vote and return the awful "Boner" to power, since the reps don't have the cojones to vote him out. Ned to winnow down the candidates- FAST

RB said...

Gurr? I was at the straw poll on Saturday. JD discussed principles while Gurr wanted to stick to the same old policies and issues. JD by far was the candidate who will have a chance against Boehner.

Anonymous said...

Wintergg is just another Boehner and his puppet master Don Birds all of the Dayton Tea Party is just another statist. Sadly the DTP has fallen to pieces as of late. JD loves the teachers unions and promoting big government education.

principled conservatism said...

I've heard both Gurr and Winteregg debate in forums. Understanding the progressive mindset is key. The moment you start talking policy with progressives, you enter into a negotiation and have lost. The only way progressives "negotiate" is by forcing conservatives to give up something, while they get something out of it. They are masters of creating and utilizing conflict toward that end. You can't fight progressivism with policy, which is what Gurr wants to do. If anyone could fight progressivism with policy, then Boehner could have done it. Conservatives who try to fight progressivism with policy...lose! Policy peacemakers will lose! Principle is the only way to win against progressivism. You have to have the guts to stand your ground when the left sends everyone reeling. Guts don't come from "being set in your ways," as Gurr says will help him stand his ground against the influences of Washington, nor do guts come from quoting Bible verses when it is convenient, which is what Gurr has started doing. Obama quotes Bible verses, too, but that doesn't mean respects God. Guts come from knowing what is right and depending on God's strength, not human strength, resources, etc. Winteregg gets this, too. This is why we need Winteregg for Ohio's 8th District!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have heard both J.D. Winteregg and Gurr speak and J.D. is by far the better candidate. I like his principles and his ideas are fresh and original. He is a conservative with backbone. He understands what we are up against. I have attempted to ask each man questions. J.D. answered everything I asked him. He has taken a real interest in me as a citizen. He happens to embrace the same principals I do. On the other hand Gurr has never shook my hand or even made eye contact with me or my husband. He never answered one message I sent to him with questions about where he stood on issues. I have had enough of the silent treatment from Boehner. Gurr seemed to refer to himself repeatedly when talking. Nothing about representing us. I have had it with those entering politics to fatten their bank accounts. I will demand accountability and since J.D. is the co-founder of the Ohio Accountability Project he is again in line with my principals. I expect a response when I ask a question of my elected representative. J.D. Winteregg is the 1st to pass that test. He has a conversation with my husband and I even though it is obvious we are not big financial contributors. I am so ready for for an honest person. Thank you for being that J.D.