Sunday, February 23, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: One Election Away from Losing Our Freedom

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One Election Away from Losing Our Freedom: Daniel Greenfield
GOP midterm strategy for success against liberal onslaught: Allen West
U.S. Military To Unveil Plan To Cut Personnel Costs: WZ

GOP Questions Allowing Illegal Alien Gang Members To Stay In US: RWN
Queen Michelle versus the young knuckleheads: John Hayward
Ancient Garbage: Freedom's Torch

Cancer, Obamacare Victim at Center of Political Storm: WFB
Harvard's Sandra Korn and the Leftist Crusade for 'Academic Justice': AmPower
Two New MSNBC Hosts Bring News Media-Obama Revolving Door to 30: MRC


Spendthrift Obama drops all pretense of "austerity" in latest budget: WyBlog
Republicans use Senate rules to con constituents: Andrew C. McCarthy
Whoops: Public Sector Restricting Work Hours Due To Obamacare: RWN

Obamacare Turns Massachusetts From Model To Mayhem: Cove
Pension Reform Case Study: San Jose: Adam Summers
UAW Asks NLRB to Review Vote at VW: Ace

Scandal Central

Senators to FBI: Was Dinesh D’Souza Targeted?: Becket Adams
New York parents furious at program, inBloom, that compiles private student info: NYDN
California senator charged in big corruption case: AP

Climate & Energy

Electricity Price Index Soars to New Record at Start of 2014; U.S. Electricity Production Declining: CNS:
Jeanine Pirro Investigates Possibility of Catastrophic Power Grid Failure: Nice Deb
High Court Climate Case Looks at EPA's Power: Mark Sherman, AP


Dr. Ben Carson Praises Ted Cruz, Pokes Fun At Media’s “Intellect”: Shark Tank
MSNBC on the FCC’s Plan to Regulate Media: Glob
Reagan Deja Vu – Fox RINOS Repeat Same ‘Kamikaze Republican’ Line Agaist Ted Cruz: IM41

Former Justice Stevens: Change 2nd Amendment to Improve Constitution: AWR Hawkins
Dear America, I Miss You: Fuzzy Logic
What we didn't hear in the Sixties: Gail Jarvis

Your husband doesn’t have to earn your respect: Matt Walsh
LGBT Activist Declares: ‘We Need to Start Making Their Lives a Living Hell’: R.S. McCain
“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” Tonight...What will it be tomorrow?: MOTUS


One rebel’s story from Hrushevskiy Street in Ukraine: Euromaidan PR
Victory for Ukrainian Revolution: Cube
Ukraine – A Look Into America’s Possible Future: NoisyRm

Bolton owns Obama's Middle East 'strategy': Matzav
Open letter to John Kerry from an Israeli: 1389
The Eastern Ukrainians Are Revolting: ZH

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Cover-up? Army historian says report on deadly Afghan battle was altered to absolve faulty gun: Times
Attack Of The Smartphone Zombies! A lack of situational awareness can get you killed: Bearing Arms
Google, LG working on smartwatch to be unveiled in June: CNet


The exact same issue: WWP
Liberal Hammer Throw: Act Well Your Part
House fit for a tyrant: Protestors storm sprawling, luxury estate of Ukraine's fugitive president: Daily Mail

Image: House fit for a tyrant: Protestors storm sprawling, luxury estate of Ukraine's fugitive president
Sponsored by: Fire Mitch McConnell: Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "The coming crash of U.S. diplomacy is not idle speculation about a remote future. Our declining prestige is already apparent globally; when all three Middle East negotiations fail conclusively, America's influence will fall further. Friends and adversaries alike are recalibrating their policies accordingly...

Not apprehending these realities or foreseeing their consequences debilitates the United States, discourages its allies and emboldens its adversaries. The coming collapse of all three of Obama's negotiations will convince foreign governments that his policies are dooming Washington's Middle East influence to precipitous decline. And since appearance is reality in international politics, America's ability to influence events — in Egypt for example, where the military government is already reverting to pre-Sadat days, purchasing arms from Russia — will sink further. Moreover, the opportunity costs of not focusing on threats elsewhere, such as China's belligerent territorial claims in its coastal waters, are enormous." --John Bolton

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