Monday, February 10, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Restless Heart of Darkness

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Restless Heart of Darkness: John C. Wright
HHS urged to close down Obamacare site until security issues resolved: BPR
The Hillary Papers: WFB

The Democrats’ New Rallying Cry: Work Is a Trap!: John Hawkins
Republicans Go On an Immigration Reform Bender: FPM
Going Democrat-Lite will make GOP a permanent minority: Rob Miller

Completely Out of Control: How Hard it is to Buy a Gun in MA?: MinorityReport
Progressive Mayor Steals Public Money: iOTW
Budget model uncertain for state health exchanges: Patrick Condon


6 states putting prisoners on Obamacare to shift costs to feds: NakedDC
Today’s Japanese Lesson – BABURU KEIZAI: Blasted Fools
Trey Gowdy DEMOLISHES Obamacare in 5-minutes: YoungCons

MyRAs – Washington’s Latest Scam: RWN
Gallup vs. BLS Unemployment Differs by Nearly 3 Million Workers: Mish
Swiss Voters Fail To Heed Swiss Bankers, Vote To Curb Immigration: VDARE

Here's What It Looks Like When Your Country's Economy Collapses: Adam Taggart
A Common Core math problem that is positively facepalm-inducing: Howard Portnoy
Who Art Thou That Led To This Destruction?: Karl Denninger

Scandal Central

Dems Trying to Blame IRS IG for Targeting Scandal: Rick Moran
The obligatory “Anti Voter ID marchers require Photo ID to march” post.: Moe Lane
IRS Scandal Continues With More Lies: LD Jackson

Rep. Gowdy Wants Subpoenas for Hillary Clinton: ConTrib
Obama's IRS 'Confusion': WSJ
Colin Powell is a Moron. Period.: Kevin Jackson


NBC Praises Communism as One of History’s ‘Pivotal Experiments’: Ed Driscoll
Dr. Zo Sees Janean Garofalo: Woodsterman
‘A Special Circle of Clinton Hell’: JWF

A Tale of Two Presidents: Ed Driscoll
The Democratic Party's Two-Facedness of Race Relations: Relentless Conservative (2011)
Every Moment Was True: Philip Seymour Hoffman, R.I.P.: Matthew Hennessey

Laura Ingraham destroys RINO George Will over amnesty: FAM
WaPo Praises The Joy Of Being "Untethered" And "Unleashed" From A Job: ZH
How @JAMyerson Blamed @SarahPalinUSA for Tucson: R.S. McCain

The new cultural meme in America. Are we ready for this?: Allen West
Flight 93 Factor: Christian Mercenary
‘Priceless’: Obama’s policies shredded in a single bumper sticker: Twitchy


How the West Is Committing Financial Suicide: Cherson and Molschky
China’s Push Into ‘America’s Backyard’: Shannon Tiezzi
Ex-CIA Officer: Government’s ‘Fusion Centers’ Enable Obama ‘Turnkey Tyranny’: NoisyRm

Obama Administration Vows to Defend Japan If Conflict Erupts in East China Sea …(Trust Us): GWP
“Smart diplomacy”: Ambassador to Argentina may not even speak Spanish: Fausta
Vicious Muslim Supremacist Professor demands students tweet on “Islamophobia” for credit: DC Clothesline

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program: Intercept
The Apollo of Gaza: Hamas's Ancient Bronze Statue: Vernon Silver
Snowden used web crawler tool to access and download 1.7 million Secret NSA Files: The Hacker News


Watch as This Man Realizes He's Sitting Beside the People He Rescued From Nazi Death Camps: LiftBump
Adam West: Still the Best Batman: IMAO
Leno’s Priceless Politician Montage: Scoop

Image: Border collie wins Westminster show agility trial
Sponsored by: The Senate Conservatives Fund: Chart a Course to Restore the Constitution

QOTD: "Now that the full court press to refute the findings of the CBO report which, as we reported, confirmed what was largely known - that as a result of Obamacare, the strapped US economy will have even fewer workers as millions will fall back on welfare state entitlements which make hard work obsolete - has failed, it is time for the propaganda to take a different track: one where not having a job, and in fact losing it due to Obamacare, is hailed as an act of nobility. Sure enough, here comes one of the administration's favorites, the Bezos Times, with "They quit their jobs, thanks to health-care law" which does largely as its name suggests: highlights just how "enabling" and "liberating" Obamacare is for one's life, once a person is no longer burdened by something as trivial as a job...

...One really can't make this up - it appears that in America's creeping transition to a socialist paradise, the new American dream is living on "Federal subsidies" (paid for by taxpayers) and government welfare...

...However, what is becoming clear is that slowly but surely, the entire process of labor and being employed is increasingly cast in a negative light: something which is not exactly surprising. At least not to our readers, because, sadly, we were once again just over a year ahead of the prevailing sentiment when, in November of 2012, we wrote "When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America's Welfare State" when we said that "for increasingly more it is now more lucrative - in the form of actual disposable income - to sit, do nothing, and collect various welfare entitlements, than to work... That was then. Now we can add Obamacare... which will further help America's now almost extinct middle class get even more untethered and unleashed..." --Tyler Durden


Anonymous said...

"Image: Border collie wins Westminster show agility trial"

But...but...but that's a poodle!


Anonymous said...

The economy is growing stronger.
Job growth is up.
The dollar is strong.
The Press tells the truth.
There is no corruption in my Administration.
The Affordable Care Act is saving lives.
The future looks bright.
I wasn't stoned out of my mind on National TV.
That is a Border Collie.