Monday, December 07, 2015

Larwyn’s Linx: The Left has gone stark raving mad since the San Bernardino shootings

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The Left has gone stark raving mad since the San Bernardino shootings: John Hayward
House Democrats Gathered At A Radical Mosque To Pray, Yes Seriously: Red Dawn
A yuge credibility gap dogs Obama: Carl M. Cannon

What Did We Do Now?: Tom Maguire
Mr. President, Stick It: Karl Denninger
Whoa: Obama Skips Golf to Plan Speech on Gun Control and Terrorism: Jim Hoft

Shooter's Mother Active In Pro-Caliphate Islamic Group: DC
Terror Prevention Means Keeping Likely Jihadists Out of the Country: Brenda Walker
Obama Actually Thought He Was Being Reassuring Tonight: Jim Geraghty

The Democrat Party Is A Death Cult: Derek Hunter
If Loretta Lynch Wants to Ban Violent Talk, She Should Ban the Quran: Pamela Geller
Racism Cannot Stop Racism: Christian Mercenary

A Theory on a Release Date for San Bernardino Go Pro Footage: Stop Shouting
Ted Cruz easily wins straw poll of Minnesota Republican activists: Melanie Sommer
Talking Iran, Hillary gets confused about the nuclear option and military option: Twitchy

Scandal Central

TREASON: DHS Head Jeh Johnson to Meet with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas on Monday: John Guandolo
Here Are All The Gun Laws That Didn’t Stop The San Bernardino Shooters: Aaron Bandler
Hillary: I Didn't Lie to Benghazi Families - It Was 'The Fog Of War': Pam Key

Clinton Super PAC Donor Is Former Goldman Exec and Foreclosure Crisis Profiteer: Zaid Jilani
State Dept. Won't Let a Little Thing Like a Terror Rampage Alter Its Visa Process: Frank Camp
Loretta Lynch on #SanBernardinoShooting — “A wonderful opportunity …”: ProWis


The New York Daily News Hates Everything America Stands For: Leon H. Wolf
Trump Presser: Watch What Happens When Reporter Calls Terrorists “Regular People”: Treehouse
Salon Asst. Editor Ridiculed Megyn Kelly, Attack-Predicting Guest 2 Weeks Before Cali Massacre: Tom Blumer

The New York Times’ latest attack on Ted Cruz backfires, highlighting his virtues: Bookworm
Old Media finally identifies designated terrorist group CAIR as a “top enabler of terror”: BNI
Mass shootings up 700% under reign of terror: FAM

Listen: CHILLING warning San Bernardino shooter gave coworker two weeks before massacre: Allen West
President Obama Will Deliver Live National Address From White House Sunday at 8:00pm: Treehouse
The Blind Donkeys of the Media: Diogenes


The President's Scary Speech: Fred Barnes
Obama’s national address on ISIS is all about defending Islam: Scoop
American Muslim Man Tries To Hijack Plane And Crash It: Shoebat

The Most Despised People in the World: Bill Warner
Trump: Islamic terrorism will get solved when Obama ‘gets the hell out’: Jeremy Herb
Why Be Afraid Of Islam?: WRSA

Nice Work, Barack: ISIS Moves Into Afghanistan – Sets Up Training Camps: Jim Hoft
Moderate Muslim Dad to San Bernardino Terrorist: Soon All the Jews Will be Dead: Daniel Greenfield
Iraq Gives Turkish Forces 48 Hours to Leave Country: AINA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New Evidence Suggests Stonehenge Built in Wales then Transported to England: April Holloway
These are the thinnest, strongest plates that can be picked up by hand: Kurzweil AI
What does Facebook Pixel mean for Marketing (and Google Analytics): Given Radingwana


FD Obama addresses Congress after attack on Pearl Harbor: Cube
deadeye dick: Sondrakistan
How Obama Could Suggest That Fort Hood and San Bernardino Were Workplace Violence: MB

Image: Nice Work, Barack: ISIS Moves Into Afghanistan – Sets Up Training Camps
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QOTD: "The Left has gone stark raving mad since the San Bernardino shootings.

If you were online, you could watch it happening in real-time, as the early confident predictions of white redneck Christian-fascist shooters – complete with wishcasting about the distance to the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic – gave way to the realization it was another jihad attack.

At that moment, political necessity, opportunism, and deep-rooted prejudice combined to send raging lightning storms of defective neurons hissing and crackling through every liberal’s mind. The actual killers blurred out of existence in the mind’s eye of the Left, until they saw only guns floating in midair, firing themselves at people who… well, let’s be blunt: liberals are working hard on some narratives about how the victims had it coming, and the jihadi couple were the real victims." --John Hayward

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