Thursday, December 03, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: His Own Former Intelligence Head Admits Obama Ignored ISIS Rise to Win Reelection

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His Own Former Intel Head: Obama Ignored ISIS Rise to Win Reelection: Ben Shapiro
San Bernardino County Residents Feared Syrian Resettlement: Daniel Greenfield
Father of suspect who killed 14: “He was very religious. He’s Muslim.”: Creeping

Syed Raheel Farook: Terror Suspect Traveled to Saudi Arabia Last Year: Debbie Schussel
Neighbor Suspicious of Middle Eastern Men, But Didn't Want to "Profile": Sooper
Treason, Cowardice, and Islamic Invasion: States Must Retool the Militia: Publius Huldah

Syed Farook: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Heavy
Suspect ID'd in San Bernardino Massacre as Syed Farook: Daily Beast
Governors not falling for Obama’s ploy on Muslim refugees: Leo Hohmann

Leaked GOPe Strategy Memo: Be Trump-like (Even If You Have To Fake It): Treehouse
New Poll: Good News For Trump, Bad News For Ben Carson: Hannity
Chicagoland: A Tale of 2 Tragedies: Larry Elder


Congress Hands Obama a Blank Check on Refugees: Leo Hohmann
Obamacare: Everything Is Going According To Plan: SDA
How to Structure Infrastructure Spending: Veronique De Rugy

Climate & Energy

TREE RING BOY HARDEST HIT: Climate skeptics are winning the public opinion war:


Dear @Clementine_Ford …: R.S. McCain
Howard Dean Group Fundraising Off CA Shootings—GOP 'Standing With Terrorists': NB
Two of Obama's sons punch and stomp a handicapped man half to death: DailyMail

Obama Gives Gun Control Rant In Paris, Ignores French Tragedy: BlurBrain
The Walrus and the New York Times: John Hinderaker
14 killed in San Bernardino, so the New York Daily News slams Republicans for offering prayers: Doug Powers


This Business Will Get Out Of Control: Christian Mercenary
Why So Few Christians Among Syrian Refugees? State Dept 'Helping the Most Vulnerable': CNS
France Shuts Down 3 Mosques in Crackdown: AP

The Turkish-ISIS Alliance: William S. Lind
Russia bans George Soros foundation as state security 'threat': Reuters
State Department 'troubled' by Moscow's move against Soros groups : Fox

In Israel, the more things change…: Cal Thomas
EU internal borders may be reimposed for two years: EU Observer
Ottawa Public Library Book: ‘Kill non-Muslims, go to paradise’: Creeping

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Deadly fungus found in soil is spreading through crops worldwide: DailyMail
12 top enterprise tech startups: ComputerWorldUK
The Government’s Rushed Drone Registry Will Be Ineffective and Unenforceable: Gary Mortimer


You Look Mahvelous!: MOTUS
Tweet o' the Day: Don Surber
Boom! Herman Cain Gets The Last Laugh After Jeb Bush Insult: Hannity

Image: San Bernardino Shooting: Suspects Left Baby Daughter With Grandma
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #RollbackObama: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "President Obama has now deployed 200 special ops troops back into Iraq to take part in training and overseeing missions. This comes just a few years after Obama pulled out all troops and claimed that Iraq had been stabilized, with Vice President Joe Biden saying in 2010 that Iraq would be one of Obama’s “greatest achievements.” It comes about a year after Obama called ISIS “jayvee.” It comes just a few weeks after Obama said that ISIS had been “contained,” after which ISIS attacked Paris, killing 130 people; Obama’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, admitted this week that the United States had “not contained” ISIS.

President Obama doesn’t care about the national security of the United States. That’s a distraction from his grand mission of global wealth and power redistribution. If both Americans and foreigners have to die to maintain the illusion that he is a powerful war leader successful in keeping people safe, then they’ll die. It’s that simple." --Ben Shapiro


Anonymous said...

Damnest thing I've ever seen running links is news animation that portrays actual people and events. This is dog poop fed to willing indoctrinated masses, and I can't wait for Barry to start using it.

Anonymous said...

LOL, imagine a world with no flesh and blood reporters, only google map images, animation, and scripted dialog. No press corpse, no benefit packages, no high salaries, just wiggly animated reporterettes.
It could work.