Sunday, April 01, 2012

Good News: EPA's New 'Human-Friendly' Pesticides Responsible for the Great Bee Die-Off

Gee, and I had such high hopes that the environmental kooks would work out swimmingly as central planners.

...beekeepers from Minnesota and across the country this month asked the federal government for a temporary ban on one the most widely used pesticides until its effect on bees is clear. They fear it is contributing to a worldwide die-off and the inexplicable phenomenon known as "colony collapse disorder" that is devastating honeybee hives.

"We are asking the EPA to do its job," said Jeff Anderson, a commercial beekeeper from Eagle Bend, Minn. "Give us products that are safe."

The beekeepers and several environmental groups argue in an emergency petition filed with the EPA that the agency failed to require some legally mandated field testing before the pesticide was approved in 2003. New research, including two studies published last week in the journal Science, raises serious questions about its effect on pollinators of all kinds, they maintain.

The beekeepers and others say they filed the emergency petition because they fear that the EPA's review process will deliver a verdict too late for the nation's honeybees and the farmers who rely on them.

"Seventy percent of crops -- apples, oranges, zucchini, melons, strawberries -- they all need pollinators," said Vera Krischik, an associate professor of entomology at the University of Minnesota who studies the pesticides and bees. "It's a huge issue." ... Then there are the unknown numbers of bumblebees, wasps, butterflies and other wild pollinating insects that fill the same role across the natural world.

"We are headed in a very dangerous direction," Ellis said... ...The pesticides beekeepers are fighting now are different than those of the past, Anderson said. Those were applied at predictable times, making it easy to keep bees out of harm's way.

The pesticides most widely used now are among a class of nicotine-based chemicals called neonicotinoids that are designed to become an intrinsic part of the plant. They were developed in large part because they are much less toxic to humans and other mammals than previous pesticides. But in high doses, they are a neurotoxin to insects.

Curious how legacy media never reports stories like this one, which illustrate the endemic failures of a massive, centralized, authoritarian government and its unconstitutional central planning activities.

The EPA is responsible for the needless deaths of tens of millions of human beings in the Third World through its unconscionable ban of DDT.

Now, the unintended consequences of its idiocy is helping wipe out insect populations and endangering the entire food supply.

Remember these deadly failures when malevolent Statists like Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer claim that Republicans want dirty water and dirty air. True Republicans want Constitutional government, nothing more and nothing less.


suek said...

I'm as against the EPA's extremism as anybody, but this may be a bum rap. It could be a contributory factor - no doubt it's a multiple factor thing, but before drawing any definitive conclusions, you might want to check this out:

(the second article is pretty much the same as the first - just a different source)

Johan Galt said...

Weren't cell phones and cell phone towers blamed at first?

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