Thursday, October 03, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Hold the line. Undermine Obamacare. Shut it down.

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Find Your Representative, call them, and tell them to HOLD THEIR GROUND

Hold the line. Undermine Obamacare. Shut it down.: Erick Erickson
100 Unintended Consequences of Obamacare: Andrew Johnson
It's the President's Fault: Peter Ferrara

How the Park Service Is Enforcing the Shutdown on the Mall: Jim Geraghty
How the Democrats got us to a shutdown: Soren Dayton
The Politics of the Government Shutdown: Sean Trende

‘We Will March On Washington Against Your Tyranny!’ -Vows Mark Levin: Camp o' the Saints
Letting Obama Force a Constitutional Crisis Is Best Republican Choice: Spengler
The Big "Shutdown": So Much About So Little; So Little About So Much: DiploMad

Ted Cruz & Mike Lee: Commanders of the Conservative Army: Erick Erickson
Gut the Progressive GOP: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Obama says “Stick it” to America Through the NPS: Zion's Trumpet


Remember How Awesome It Is That Pre-Existing Conditions Get Covered In O’care?: HayRide
The sound of California Obamacare exchange going down in flames.: Moe Lane
Postal Service defaults on $5.6 billion payment: CNN

Scandal Central

WWII and Lincoln Memorial Barricade Showdowns – Live Updates: LI
Mounted Police Now Being Used To Keep WWII Vets Away From Memorial: SAB
McDonald’s Employee Admits Being Paid $15 to Protest WW2 Veterans : Tatler

Climate & Energy

EPA Imposes New ‘War on Coal’ Regulations: Bill Straub, PJMedia
Government Shutdown to Delay EPA $1 Gallon Gas Price Hike: Daniel Greenfield


Mark Levin gives the most IMPORTANT reason EVER on why GOP MUST keep fighting: Scoop
The Great Government ShutDown Is Becoming Public Relations Debacle For Regime : Nice Deb
Barrycade Earns Entry At Urban Dictionary: Glob

Shutting Them Down: Liberty's Torch
Darrell Issa Deems Obama a ‘Non-Essential’ Government Employee: JWF
US government shutdown: Obama's welfare socialism sparked this crisis, not the Constitution: Telegraph
Planned Parenthood: $1M Attacking Pro-Life Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli: WZ

The mask falls, #794,878: Protein Wisdom
Bill Clinton: Americans Will Get Used to Communism: Godfather
Angry Dem Rep: GOP Has 'Jihad Against Americans' Access To Health Care': Breitbart


Iranian President Dismissed Obama 5 Times: Daniel Greenfield
Saudia Arabian Mufti: Destroy All Christian Churches On Arabian Peninsula: John Hawkins
CAIR Demands That Maryland Schools Close For Islamic Holidays: John Hawkins


Aawwk! Now They Want to Redefine the Word “Cancer”: Elephant
3D-printed toothbrush scrubs chompers in 6 seconds: Amanda Kooser
This Hornet Will Be the Last Thing You See Before You Die: Gawker


#Shutdown: The Terrible, Terrible Reality!: MOTUS
Something Life-Changing Happened to an 87-Year-Old Veteran at the WWII Memorial: Blaze
Attorney sets date of 11/19 for "ending Obama's reign of terror': Outpost


QOTD: "Imagine the power the government would have today – let’s pretend it’s ten years from now and Obamacare is fully in place and there’s a legitimate fight over spending and taxing…and there’s a government shutdown… Do you know what a president like Obama would do?

He’d start cutting off your health care to force you to capitulate to his demands. Oh yes! They’d start shutting down hospitals, refusing to pay doctors and nurses, refusing to approve prescriptions. Because that’s where we’re headed, to the complete iron-fisted control of our health care. Can you imagine the kind of power they’d have over us then?

It’s certainly one of the reasons we must resist now." --Mark Levin

Bonus QOTD: "[The shutdown] is a good demonstration that we have too much government. A fourth of federal workers, 800,000, are sent home, and no one even notices. Obama and the Democrats wanted the shutdown because they are certain the public will blame the Republicans, and it is part of the grand Obama/Democrat strategy to manipulate the public into voting down the Republican House majority in 2014, the last check on Obama’s increasingly authoritarian rule. Democrats care ONLY about their own political POWER and nothing else. The poor, minorities, seniors, are all just used as props by the Democrats to expand their political power. Notice how easily the Democrats dropped seniors and slashed their Medicare when that was convenient to enact Obamacare, which is only all about another opportunity for massive expansion of their power." --Peter Ferrara


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