Friday, October 11, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Now It’s Time for Full Throttle Defund of Obamacare

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Now It’s Time for Full Throttle Defund of Obamacare: Daniel Horowitz
10/13 Showdown: Veterans March on DC, Truckers Roll: James Simpson
About that NBC/WSJ Poll Slamming GOP on Shutdown...: Bryan Preston

For Obama, negotiating with Republicans is tough, almost as tough as math: LI
Obama's War on America Is Heating Up: Cold Fury
Pelosi confronted at illegals’ rally: ‘Just wait . . . Americans are coming: CFP

Eastbound and Down: Truckers Roll Into DC: CDN
Come to DC This Sunday: Western
Tea Party Nation Withdraws Its Endorsement Of Mitch McConnell: RWN

Obama-controlled news operation is the true assault on the press: LI
Hard Truths: Presidential Report Card 1,725 Days In: Andrew Malcolm
Sez It All: Grouchy Old Cripple


Moody’s Nukes Obama’s Debt Ceiling Fearmongering: Bryan Preston
Moody's on Debt Limit: Calling Obama's Bluff on Default: Foundry
Yikes! Initial Jobless Claims Jump To 374,000: LoneCon

Obamacare Forces Over 800,000 in N.J. to Change Insurance Plan: WFB
Awesome: Hawaii Signs Up Zero People for ObamaCare: JWF
Report: Only 5 Iowans Have Signed Up for Obamacare: WZ

Janet Yellen: What You Should Know about the Next Fed Head: Richard M. Salsman
Health Care Spending Expected to Increase by $621 Billion: Sean Hackbarth
Ten Questions for Janet Yellen: CEI

Scandal Central

Republicans say Obamacare official leaked IRS data: Stephen Dinan, Times
How Many New Voters Would S.744 Create?: Steven A. Camarota
Obamacare will share personal health info with federal, state agencies: Paul Bedard


Sad: The Hill Finds ‘Welcome News’ For Obama in Poll Showing 7% ObamaCare Approval: JWF
NBC Poll: Majority Say Obama Putting Politics Over Country: WZ
Obamacare - More Than a Glitch - Hilarious Ad Destroys Obamacare: Heritage

Jay Leno Savages Obama & The Democrats Over The Government Shutdown: RWN
Time to Alinsky Obama, the Democrats, and the federal bureaucracy: Bookworm Room
Shutdown Blowback: Obama’s Approval Rating PLUNGES INTO THE THIRTIES!: RWN

I made it through the signup process: Joe Fremeau
Obama DOT Plans use of National Guard to close I-495 Capital Beltway tomorrow?: RS
Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute: Cathartic and Could Not Have Been Sadder: Kevin Fallon

Political Fraud Jennifer Rubin Uses Federalist 10 To Demonize Tea Party: Jen Kuznicki
Dr. Ben Carson: Why Obamacare is part of a plan to socialize America: Scoop
You want to know why Obamacare will collapse?: Public Secrets


Memo: Muslims practicing terror “dry-runs” on U.S. airplanes: Creeping
So, Is Default A Paper Tiger?: Tatler
Foreign Nationals Get Free Rein at U.S. Nuclear Lab: JW


Adobe's source code was parked on hackers' unprotected server: Jeremy Kirk, IDG
These Images Show the Brutal Scars on Mars's Surface: Jamie Condiffe, Gizmodo
Dropcam's new $199 Pro model aims to be the smart home hub: Josh Lowensohn, CNet


James Madison Anticipates Possibility of Government Shutdown; Says House Can Win: Nick Rosenkranz
Shutdown Day 10: A Cinderella Story Emerges: MOTUS
America’s Night of the Long Knives May Hit the Tea Party/Patriot Movement Any Day Now: Shenandoah

Image: These Images Show the Brutal Scars on Mars's Surface
Sponsored by: Call Your Representative and Tell Them to Stand Strong: DEFUND OBAMACARE


Find Your Representative, call them, and tell them to HOLD THEIR GROUND

"The Berlin Blockade woke up Americans to what the Soviet Union really was. The Obama Blockade is waking up Americans affected by it to what Obama really is.

Behind the big ideas and the big speeches is a meanness and smallness of spirit that desires power above all else, that lacks any sense of decency and honor, and that when denied, lashes out viciously against anyone in the grip of its power. r.

The Berlin Blockade showed millions of people why they never wanted to find themselves under Communist control. It ended what might have become a recurrence of isolationism and firmed the conviction of Americans that the only way to deal with the Soviet Union was to push it back.

The Obama Blockade, the meanness and pettiness in its needless power plays, is a warning of what life will be like if the left gains even more control over America." --Daniel Greenfield

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I don't understand something. Since Doug allows for unregistered anonymous commenting, which I prefer, how come there is not a more vigorous contribution here? It makes no sense to me. I want to comment at some of Larwyn's linked sites, but the reg process stops me. I don't have FB or G+ or anything like that and don't want it. I also DO NOT talk to pollsters but am plenty pissed off. Do folks here take polling calls?