Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The central Obamacare lie is as historic as this presidency

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Image: Glenn McCoy

QOTD: "I've got a montage of all these media people saying Obama didn't know about NSA spying. Obama didn't know. He didn't know about the IRS. He didn't know about Fast and Furious. He didn't know that Obamacare's website was gonna be a bust. He didn't know anything. And that's the excuse? I just saw Gloria Borger on CNN, "Obama didn't know." As though that's something to be proud of? That is a legitimate excuse? The president didn't know that the NSA was spying on foreign leaders, and you want us to give him a pass because he's that out of touch and detached that he didn't know, when the fact of the matter is they're lying to us again. BS, he didn't know. How stupid do they think we are?

Obama doesn't know anything about Benghazi. He doesn't know anything about Fast and Furious. He didn't know anything about Syria. He didn't know anything about Obamacare. Didn't know anything about the NSA. He didn't know anything about Solyndra. He didn't know anything about how the stimulus was gonna go wrong. He didn't know diddly-squat. Congress had no idea that it would be this bad. They didn't know. The conservative talking heads in Washington, they didn't know for five weeks how bad it was gonna be. The political consultants, Republicans and Democrats, they didn't know. Nobody had any idea.

Nobody in Washington has any idea about anything. The news today is, who didn't know? And they're doing it in a way that makes 'em look like they're proud of it, as though it's a legitimate excuse. "Well, don't get mad at Obama. He didn't know about the NSA spying." Oh, he didn't? "No. No. And that's why you shouldn't be mad. He didn't know." You mean these powerful forces that he can't control are out doing all this and he doesn't know anything about it? "That's right he's out campaigning. He's upset about it as anybody else." Am I doing it again? Well, I tell you, the only people that knew, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, me, talk radio, we knew. " --Rush Limbaugh


Anonymous said...

and "I don't know" is always followed by an ever changing list of contradictory explanations, disinformation and denials.
When Barry ran he was looking for a Mother, while he led he was a petulant child, when he departs he will still be "Little Barry".

Barry Popik said...

At the NSA hearing before Congress today (James Clapper, who, incredibly, hasn't been fired), several people wore large glasses with "STOP SPYING" written on them.

NEOLOGISM OF THE DAY: "Anti-spyglasses." Pass it on.

(Twitter photo.)

Storm'n Norm'n said...

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