Friday, October 18, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Do not read this post, by order of King Barry the First

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Do not read this post, by order of King Barry the First: Jim Treacher
Victory for Obama? Not so fast: Keith Koffler
Mark Levin to the ruling elite: We’re going to crush you: Scoop

ICE Agents Tell President Obama "No Amnesty": NUSA
These Senators voted to let the UN take OUR rights.: iOTW
The Pain of a Patriot: Dean Garrison

Obama: My partisan vitriol shows value of bipartisan harmony: DC
Cory Booker Spent $11M to Beat ‘Tea Party Candidate’ By 11 Points: JWF
The State of the Race in Virginia: RS

This ad about Terry McAuliffe simply must get back on the air: Moe Lane
About Those $2500 Annual Savings From Obamacare…: Brian Lerch
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled: Hannity


McConnell Debt Plan: Press Release Conservatism: Daniel Horowitz
A children's treasury of all the extra stuff you paid for in the shutdown bill: NakedDC
Government Shut Down and All I Got Was this Blog Post: Ari Armstrong

The Tea Party Is Not Wrong: Karl Denninger
Oh, Now Being A Patriot Is Bad?: Karl Denninger
Republicans Sell Out, Agree to ObamaCare and Cloward-Piven Spending: MB

Scandal Central

Obama Didn't Call Experts To Fix; Feared GOP Would Find Out: Lid
The Abysmal, Pathetic Obamacare Rollout: Nick Gillespie
The Night Stalker Shows Her Poker Face: NoisyRm


Obamacare’s Useful Idiots: Tom Blumer
How Obamacare Kills the 1st Amendment on January 1, 2014: Shenandoah
Beltway Snob Peggy Noonan Upset With Conservatives for Disturbing Beltway Snobs: AWD

The Press and the IRS: Journalistic partisanship fed the scandal.: James Taranto
Media Cover Shutdown Victims over Obamacare Victims 100 to 1: TruthRevolt
Tea Party’s Image Turns More Negative; Ted Cruz’s Popularity Soars among Tea Party: Pew


‘Gangs’ Seize and Tax Coptic Christian Property in Egypt: Raymond Ibrahim
Syria: Jihadists plant bombs in confessional box of one of the world's oldest churches: JihadWatch
Al-Shabab Justifies Woolwich Beheading, Urges Muslims in West to "Make Their Choice Today": Atlas


Programmer: program 'doomed' without management changes: NBC
Growth Hacker Marketing And The Rise Of Engineers In Marketing: TwistImage
Programmers at Juniper -- not Google or Facebook -- rake in the most dough: PC World


Try This On For Size: American Digest
Rand Paul's Summer Vacation vs Barack Obama’s: Patriot's Billboard
Something wicked this way comes... in my little town...: Winter Soldier

Image: Tennessee law prohibiting EBT cards for liquor and lap dances flounders
Sponsored by: This ad about Terry McAuliffe absolutely has to get back up on the air

QOTD: "Republican "leadership" speech (adapted from Sir Winston Churchill's 'Never Give Up' speech):

'We shall give-up in the end. We shall surrender. We shall surrender in the House and the Senate, we shall surrender with growing insecurity and growing weakness in the air, we shall not defend the Constitution, as long as we get earmarks and positions of power. We shall surrender on the issues, we shall surrender our principles on liberty and freedom, we shall surrender in the fields and in the streets, we shall surrender in the hills; we shall never stand and fight!'" --Brad

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