Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: How the Obama Administration Made Sure You Couldn’t Keep Your Plan

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Scandal Central

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Image: The cellphone that stopped a bullet
Sponsor: YO, VIRGINIA: McAuliffe and Bloomberg Are Coming For Your Guns! SUPPORT KEN CUCCINELLI.

QOTD: "Even the most reliably hacky Obamacare supporters have at least conceded that people are losing their old plans because of Obamacare. They spin it with the notion that these new plans are way better, so why would you have liked that dumb old plan anyway (which fit within your family’s budget and served you well)? But the act of spinning requires at least some reckoning with the truth.

What level of denial and/or mendacity is necessary [for Valerie Jarrett to deny] this? What confidence that the media will be there to cover your lies? This is the mindset of the people surrounding President Obama, and because no one’s ever held accountable for screwing up, this is the mindset of those who are “fixing” Obamacare’s problems.

In this case, I think Jarrett’s confidence in media to toe her line is misplaced. The dam seems to be breaking, at long last, on this falsehood. But who could blame her for thinking it’d hold up? This is the level of compliance she’s used to. --Mary Katherine Ham

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