Friday, October 11, 2013

Screw the Debt Ceiling: How About the Debt Collapse?

Free Enterprise offers an infographic depicting the dire situation in which we find ourselves.

5 Alarming Facts about Entitlement Spending

Screw the damn debt ceiling. A collapse is coming. We need some sane leaders in Washington, which excludes all Democrats and RINOs.

Good intentions, Marxism, and other collectivist Utopian fantasies always succumb to mathematics. That's not my opinion, that's an immutable fact.


Anonymous said...

SOcial Security...only your freaking right wingers call it an entitlement! Somehow, all RICH right wingers hate SS and the people who rely on the checks! WE PAID INTO SS!!!! DAMMIT!

Anonymous said...

I feel sympathy for your anger, but the money that we all paid into SS has been stolen and spent for other things. Same as the Detroit pensions.

What's say we take whatever money is left in the Detroit pensions and use it to pay for your personal SS payments? Sound fair? No?

What's say we do the reverse, and take what ever money you deserve for SS and instead give it to the Detroit pensioners? Still not fair?

Where did the money go? Detroit gave their pension money to "bonuses" for city workers. The US government gave your SS money to $10,000 Pentagon hammers and to Obamaphones and the $1 Trillion stimulus and used it to buy the shares of GM and give them to the UAW.

The money's gone dude. For you to get it, means TAKING it from someone else.

Mermaz said...

Social Security also pays out way more than people pay in.

As an example, I've so far paid in $55K. If I died this year, my child would receive over $500k in death benefits.

Damn that mathematics!