Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4 Interesting Snippets o' Wisdom Heard on Last Night's Mark Levin Show

Four minutes of Mark Levin is akin to an hour of anyone else. Some random items from last night's show, paraphrased:

1. Even the Karl Rove consultant class could have led Republicans to victory in 2012 had Obamacare's individual mandate kicked in October 1st of last year. The rollout has been such an unmitigated disaster that even Humpty Dumpty could have beaten the incumbent.

2. Yet another member of the media -- a Washington Post reporter named Laura Blumenfeld -- has joined the Obama administration. That makes "16 journalists who have officially become absorbed into the Obama administration. Countless others, such as CNN’s Candy Crowley and everyone at MSNBC, have been unofficial members."

In short, journalists now use their ostensibly unbiased, independent news reporting as auditions for a gig in Democrat politics. So much for the Fourth Estate.

3. The infernal cross-pollination of "journalists" and administration officials may explain why no one in vintage media has bothered to total up the number of Americans who have lost coverage thanks to Obamacare. In Florida alone, a single insurer is terminating 300,000 policies -- or 80 percent of its individual block of business. That's just one insurer in a single state. The total of those who have lost their health care plans must number in the tens of millions, but you wouldn't know it by reading The New York Birdcage Liner.

4. Speaking of unreported, the total number of Americans not in the labor force "has increased by 10,102,000 during Obama's presidency." While CNS News is reporting that figure, where is the rest of the media?

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