Thursday, October 24, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Cruz Won

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Cruz Won: J. Christian Adams
HealthCare.Gov now lies to you about what you’ll pay: David Freddoso
Cruz: American People Are Seeing Obamacare Is Not Working: Foundry

Schweizer Reveals How Congress Uses Legislation To Intimidate Donors: Breitbart
Politicians’ Extortion Racket: Peter Schweizer
I Absolutely Support Chris McDaniel Over Thad Cochran: Erick Erickson

Obama will try to pivot to Amnesty for Illegals: Stephen Kruiser
IRS Gives Illegals 4 Billion Dollars Of Your Money: John Hawkins
Concealed-carry permit holder prevents mass shooting in Arizona: Knight

WH Demands Insurer Not Reveal Embarrassing Signup Numbers : TPNN
Manchin Doubts Obama Would Veto Delay of Individual Mandate: Roll Call
Jarrett: the most powerful person in the Obama Administration: MoneyRunner


Congress Cedes Control over Borrowing: a Dictator’s Dream: RWN
Obamacare chat line personnel starting to seriously lose it.: Moe Lane
Ted Cruz Causes Americans for Tax Reform’s Policy Director to Lose It: RS

White House doing emergency meeting with insurance industry: Moe Lane
Gibbs: HHS Knew Obamacare Site Wouldn’t Work: Keith Koffler
Kathleen Sebelius: An Obama "saved job": Marathon

Scandal Central

REPORT: WH PURGING military commanders: Scoop
What actually gets you fired by Obama admin: Scoop
HOLY CRAP! Actual chat help session on Obamacare website: Scoop


CBS Uncovers 'Incredibly Misleading' ObamaCare Website Price Quotes: NB
Megyn Kelly revisits how Obamacare was shoved down our throats: Scoop
“I’ve felt it first hand” — CNN Host: Obama’s people can be nasty if you run bad stories on Obama: Scoop

Obamacare: The Game: Jon Gabriel
MSNBC Cranks Up Chris Christie Campaign: TruthRevolt
The “Nobody Knows Nuttin’” Defense: MOTUS


Obama Chewing Gum as Syria Burns: Walter Russell Mead
Obama May Or May Not Have Tapped Angela Merkel's Cell Phone: ZH
D.C. businessman faces two years in jail for unregistered ammunition, brass casing: Times

Merkel Less Than Pleased That U.S. Likely Tapped Her Phone: TechCrunch
ICE agents’ leader turns up heat on Obama immigration ‘scandal’: BPR
Kerry Seeks to Reassure Israel on Iran: Irascible Musings

Too Bad: Saudis angry with U.S. (can we talk 9/11 now): Shoebat
"Benghazi! You Let Them Die!" Hillary Heckled: Marooned in Marin
Abbas, Hamas, Flirting With Syria's Assad: Gatestone


Handwriting support hits Gmail, Google Docs: Seth Rosenblatt, CNet
Google to Soldiers: Malware is the Enemy: DefTech
Jerky treats leave nearly 600 dogs dead in 'mysterious outbreak', FDA says: Fox


“Glitch” is the new “Total Disaster”: Liberal Logic 101
It's All Your Fault: Return of Kings
Almost Halloween, Time to Scare the Crap Out of Your Neighbors: Feral Irishman

Pictures of the Day: Obamacare and Transparency: AWD
Lawmakers: Sebelius failed at major government website projects prior to HHS: DC
My Fear: Erick Erickson

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QOTD: "[If] I were setting up a system that absolutely, positively depended upon getting young people to buy insurance . . . I would not have included a provision that requires plans to cover children until they’re 26." --Jim Geraghty

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