Tuesday, October 29, 2013

YEAH: I went there

I tried my hand at a short novel. It has nothing whatsoever to do with politics. It's crime fiction. A friend of mine read it and said, "Really, really good: like reading an action movie." Someone else likened it to a written comic book.

Both of those comments made me happy. I wrote the kind of book I would want to read.

At Amazon you can read the first part of the book for free. It's a 99¢ download on Kindle. And while I'm not real good at math, I think the average movie ticket costs about 75 times that much.

*In all seriousness, if you do choose to read it (it's a quick read, approximately 100 pages or so), please fire me an email and let me know what you think.


MadJack said...

Now something else I have to buy. The picture of the 1911 sold me as that is the sidearm that I carry every day.

Anonymous said...

Done and Done! Can't wait to read it Doug!

Anonymous said...

No Kindle here. Do you know if it can be downloaded and read on a computer? It looks like a great book. There's a Kindle app for smartphones and tablets but no indication it works on a PC.

Need hardcopy!


directorblue said...

Yep, there's a Kindle app for PC - it's pretty cool.



Anonymous said...

Thank, Doug. Kindle app installed and Hard Boiled downloaded.

Review to follow.


Francis W. Porretto said...

Yo, Doug: Have you looked into Smashwords? It doesn't require exclusivity, and you get to keep 70% to 80% of the price of the eBook. It's been good to me; perhaps it will be equally good to you!

TheFineReport.com said...

Bought your book.

Kathy from Kansas said...

I read it last night and loved it! Kept me guessing until the end. Best of all, you have a fresh, witty, vigorous writing style, which makes every paragraph sheer delight to read.


Anonymous said...

I promised a review. Herewith, the one I posted on Amazon.com

Doug Ross' first novel barrels down the tracks at full speed, like something by Mickey Spillane out of Janet Evanovich. Ross' characters are well-defined and scene descriptions are vivid. There's a deft turn of phrase (e.g. "the siren song of cholesterol") on almost every page and the plot is quirky and engaging.

"Hard Boiled" is a bargain at 99 cents. Where else can you get a couple of hours of great entertainment for that price?


Mike said...

I read the free preview on Amazon and really liked it. Sort of Elmore Leonard meets Herman Wouk. As soon as I buy my Kindle, it will be my first book on it.