Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The high cost of ObamaCare deception

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The high cost of ObamaCare deception: John Hayward
Boehner should hold presser with those hurt by Obamacare: Toldjah
Young strategist behind shutdown – more powerful than Boehner?: BPR

When You've Lost NPR...: Tammy Bruce
Watch Ted Cruz Speak at King Street Patriots: Scoop
Rand Paul Introduces Constitutional Amendment: Minority Report

Big Business Wants A Divided GOP – You Can Stop Them: CHQ
The Republican Schism: Erick Erickson
McConnell’s primary opponent snags high profile conservative endorsement: RWN


A Fifth of Doom: Stephen Green
Reid: Obamacare first step to single-payer, Soviet-style system: Eric Boehm
Marc Faber Blasts "We Are The Bubble... There Is No Exit Strategy": ZH

Sticker Shock: Obamacare Increases Premiums in 42 States: PJM
Report: Boehner about to lose Speakership due to surrender: John Hawkins
If I Were In Charge of Welfare: Fellowship of the Minds (2011)

Scandal Central

Obama Orders ICE Not To Detain Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records: RWN
Obama tells everyone to use 800-number. Which directs everyone back to malfunctioning website.: GWP
Ladies and Gentlemen . . . The Kinks!: Keith Koffler

Republicans Hate ObamaCare? How Come Some Are Implementing It?: Ace
Sebelius Agrees to Testify on Obamacare Rollout … Eventually: Emily Pierce, Roll Call
Gun Control Through Obamacare: GJWHG

Climate & Energy

Four Colorado Localities To Hold Votes On Whether To Impoverish Themselves: Ace


No lapdog here! Philly-area columnist slams ‘fraud’ Al Gore, GOP establishment; Praises Cruz: Twitchy
ABC Wakes Up to 'Massive Technical Glitches' on ObamaCare Website: 'It's a Bust': MRC
AP White House Reporter: WH Stonewalling on Enrollment Figures: Keith Koffler

CBS: White House Risks 'Credibility Death Spiral' Over 'Total Fiasco' of ObamaCare Site: NB
NBC's Guthrie Grills Cheney on Tea Party; Cheney Calls Obama 'Most Radical' in D.C.: Kyle Drennen
Hitler is pissed about the failed Obamacare rollout!: TPC

Abandon in Place: Ed Driscoll
Who Would Jesus Shoot?: Herschel Smith
MSNBC Contributor: White House Lying About Obamacare Enrollment Numbers: Breitbart


Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job: Times
U.S. quietly releasing $1.6B in Pakistan assistance: Marine Times
Fleet weeks, Blue Angels back for fiscal '14, but with cuts: Navy Times

12 Clues: What America Will Look Like When The Next Great Economic Crisis Strikes: Michael Snyder
A worldwide Second Amendment? Interpol boss suggests it may be time.: Bob Owens
Dragon Day – Opens 1 November: Western Rifles

Czesława Kwoka, prisoner number 26947: HappyAcres
To the Left and the RINOs: No, I Won't Be Silent: Rick David
Russian terror attack caught on dash cam: Blazing Cat Fur


Pre-launch tests of Obamacare site crashed with only a few hundred visitors.: Poor Richard
Google Helping Small Businesses Visualize Location Data As Easily As Making a Pie Chart: Matthew Panzarino
Hand built submachine guns seized in Israel / Palestinian territories: TFB


Know When to Hold Em’, Know When to Fold Em’: MOTUS
Just Press the Apply Button to Find Out What Your Coverage Is: Rex Harrison's Hat
Top Ten Things Overheard from the Obamacare Website Design: IMAO

Image: via Twitchy
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QOTD: "Perhaps it's anecdotal, but it seems to be a pretty common anecdote -- outside the Beltway, no one cares. The shutdown, the debt ceiling -- it's not even on normal peoples' radar...

In 2014, the fact that their insurer is dumping their health insurance plan and making them pay twice as much for a crummier one -- now that will get their attention. They will have an opinion on that, plus they will be plenty interested in who is responsible for it. And does anyone want to guess who is responsible for ensuring that the Scarlet "O" of Obamacare is tattooed right onto the forehead of every Democrat running in 2014? Three guesses, and if your first two are John and Lindsey you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

This wasn't a defeat. Sure, the Democrats will cluck about it, and their media serfs will repeat the Journolist talking points du jour, but it doesn't matter. They won nothing except the chance to allow Obamacare to fail even more spectacularly.

Congratulations, President Pyrrhus. A couple more "wins" like this one and we'll be on our way to fundamentally changing America back." --Kurt Schlichter

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