Saturday, October 19, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Ted Cruz – The Paul Revere of American Medical Care

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Ted Cruz – The Paul Revere of American Medical Care: Janine Turner
A Third Party is Not the Goal, Repopulating the GOP Is: Kristina Ribali
HHS declines to testify before House committee on Obamacare rollout: LI

WH May Be Forced to Consider "Unthinkable Options" On ObamaCare: Ace
The Scandalous Story Behind the Awful ObamaCare Website: RightSphere
GOP Failure, Strategy, and Tactics: Allen West

Outlawism revisited: Protein Wisdom
Let’s talk about the Republican split: MoneyRunner
Meanwhile, Susana Martinez is totally crushing it in New Mexico: Guy Benson


BART Holds SF Hostage; A Way to Deal With Public Unions: Mish
Insurers reportedly receiving faulty data from ObamaCare exchanges: Fox
Mary Landrieu: Obamacare is here to stay, beches: HayRide

U.S. Decline May Wind Up Doing What GOP Agitators Could Not: Ace
The Rise of Libertarianism on College Campuses: CI
US Debt Now Tops $17 Trillion, After Jumping $328 Billion in a Day: LoneCon

Scandal Central

IRS Targeting American Legion: DC
What a coincidence: ACORN founder's organization serving as Obamacare navigators: Doug Powers
AMAC: there’s a ‘foul odor’ coming from the deal to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling: CDN

Paul Ryan 'Leading Us Off a Cliff' with Immigration Reform Support: Matthew Boyle
Obama’s Secret Collaboration with ACORN Bosses: Matthew Vadum
Number of People Who Have Signed Up For Private Insurance in Oregon: Zero: Ace

Climate & Energy

Energy Dept. Paid Up To $100 Million For Contractors to Party: Lid
‘What Do America’s College Students Want? They Want to Be Oppressed’: Ed Driscoll
Global Frackdown action: LIVE UPDATES: RT


The L.A. Times’ Fiscal Fantasies: Tom Blumer
Kirsten Powers: Obama Attacking Journalism: Breitbart
AP Suspends Reporter After Botched McAuliffe Story: TruthRevolt

Insurers Complain They’re Receiving Faulty Obamacare Data: RWN
Terry McAuliffe Comes Out In Favor Of Abortion Up Until the Second The Baby’s Born: RWN
Ouch: Far-Left Huffington Post Calls Obamacare A “Train Wreck”: WZ

And it looks as though you lived your life like a finger in the wind: Protein Wisdom
Fox News' Carl Cameron: Cruz, Mike Lee Feel Betrayed: Breitbart
Ex-Secret Service Agent Blasts Obama: FPM

Levin: Republicans are feckless, unable to handle a left-wing radical president: iOTW
Fox reporter goes a round with Jay Carney on Benghazi; Carney walks out: BPR
Obama’s post-debt limit deal speech, distilled: Protein Wisdom


Mexican Cartels Help Hezbollah Infiltrate U.S.: JW
Hezbollah invades America's Southwest: Matzav
Dragon Day: Red Dawn for Intellectuals: James Simpson

Validation Of Valor: Blasted Fools
Will House Republicans Shutdown Amnesty?: ImmigrationReform
Senate Shoots Down Obama’s UN Arms Treaty: RWN


What if Obamacare Software Crashes and Burns?: Michael Barone


Sad Brat's Diary: MOTUS
Interative Collective Quiz: The People's Cube
Amid churchgoers, orphan Davion Only pleads for a family: Tampa Bay

Image: Validation Of Valor
Sponsored by: This ad about Terry McAuliffe absolutely has to get back up on the air.

QOTD: "Imagine going to Target the day after Thanksgiving for the "Black Friday" sale. You wait for hours or days for the doors to open. You rush in like O. J. Simpson in the old Hertz ads, leaping over pyramids of GI Joes with the Kung Fu Grip, sidestepping the giant Justin Bieber cardboard displays. It's complete chaos. Some woman who wants the same George Foreman Grill you do punches you in the uvula. You kill a guy with a trident when he tries to get the last Bluetooth beer helmet. Finally, because you kept your head on a swivel, you get your cart to the check-out line and the cashier tells you everything in your cart isn't on sale, but it's actually twice as expensive as it would be on a normal day. Why? Because in order to buy the things you want, you have to buy a bunch of stuff you don't want; a DVD of Bridges of Madison County, a cornucopia of indecipherable feminine products, a top-of-the-line salad spinner, and a twelve-pack of Ensure.

That's Obamacare for you.

And the fact that the GOP caused a huge fuss that briefly annoyed some people to protest this mess is really not such a bad thing." --Jonah Goldberg

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