Sunday, October 13, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Obamacare -- Mind-Boggling Incompetence

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Obamacare: Mind-Boggling Incompetence: Tom Blumer
Ted Cruz to House: ‘Stand Firm’ on Obamacare, We Will Win: Niels Lesniewski
When You’ve Lost Wolf Blitzer...: Andrew C. McCarthy

The Threat We Face: FPM
Incomprehensible Sums: Thomas Purcell
From the Vietnam Vets Memorial: Power Line

Obama’s Confession of Indifference : Jonah Goldberg
6 Things Every American Should Know About Obamacare: John Hawkins
Watch Mark Levin’s fantastic speech at the Steve Lonegan campaign rally: Scoop

Dems reject proposal from right-wing extremists Susan Collins, Joe Manchin: Powers
The Values Voter Summit -- Must Watch: Nice Deb
Lincoln Memorial visitors breach Barrycades, get tossed out by Park Police: Twitchy

Is Milton Wolf the next Ted Cruz?: Frances Weaver, The Week
Mark Levin: ‘America is a blue state,’ so amend the Constitution: BPR
Senior Democrat, GOP Aide Get Into Altercation on House Floor: Matt Fuller


EBT card failures cause ‘complete chaos’ at Walmart stores: Twitchy
If we're in a "recovery", what explains the massive layoffs?: Jim Quinn
‘Riot time!’: Food stamp users in near-panic over EBT card failures: Twitchy

Scandal Central

It’s Not Your Help to Give: R.S. McCain
Immigration Advocates Hit New Low on Capitol Hill: RWN
D.C. Double Standard: Feinstein gets guns to push gun control, GOP senators do not : Guns


Sebelius: We Are Bringing Western Civilization to Its Knees With O-Care: GWP
ATF Denies Censoring Fast and Furious Whistleblower After Blocking Book Publication: Pavlich
War Vets show the world true face behind Obama mask: CFP


“More Outrageous treatment of our Military – This is utter BS”: Allen West
Funding Jihadists while Denying Military Benefits: Andrew C. McCarthy
Gee, One Might Almost Get the Impression That the DOD Has Been Infiltrated: MEMRI

Tommy Robinson, Former EDL Leader, Capitulates to Islam, Joins Forces of Global Jihad: AmPower
As Obama grovels to Rouhani, executions surge in Iran after election of "moderate": Atlas
Soros-connected Vote-counting Firm Expands in U.S.: NewAm


Why US government IT fails so hard, so often: Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica
‘Gloriously inept’: Obamacare website so bad the ‘error page has an error’: Twitchy
UCSD Students Test Fire 3D-Printed Metal Rocket Engine: Slashdot


Shutdown Day 12: Dog Day Afternoon: MOTUS
Ronald Reagan on Socialism...: Act Well Your Part
The greatest athlete of all time just retired: Frances Weaver

Image: Watch Mark Levin’s fantastic speech at the Steve Lonegan campaign rally
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QOTD: "In the past few days, I have pointed out that he has no right at all to castigate me or anyone else for real or imagined mistakes of prognostication. But the fact that Paul Krugman is often wrong is not the most important thing. It is his utter disregard for the norms of civility that is crucial here. I am not alone in being dismayed by Krugman's "spectacularly uncivil behavior". It is "my duty, as I see it, is to make my case as best I honestly can," Krugman has written, "not [to] put on a decorous show of civilized discussion." Well, I am here to tell him that "civilized discussion" matters. It matters because vitriolic language of the sort he uses is a key part of what is wrong with America today. As an eminent economist said to me last week, people are afraid of Krugman. More "decorous" but perhaps equally intelligent academics simply elect not to enter a public sphere that he and his parasitical online pals are intent on poisoning. I agree with Raghuram Rajan, one of the few economists who authentically anticipated the financial crisis: Krugman's is "the paranoid style in economics":

All too often, the path to easy influence is to impugn the other side's motives and methods ... Instead of fostering public dialogue and educating the public, the public is often left in the dark. And it discourages younger, less credentialed economists from entering the public discourse.

Where I come from, however, we do not fear bullies. We despise them. And we do so because we understand that what motivates their bullying is a deep sense of insecurity. Unfortunately for Krugtron the Invincible, his ultimate nightmare has just become a reality. By applying the methods of the historian - by quoting and contextualizing his own published words - I believe I have now made him what he richly deserves to be: a figure of fun, whose predictions (and proscriptions) no one should ever again take seriously." --Niall Ferguson

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