Sunday, October 20, 2013

10 Epic Quotes About the Colossal Failure of Obamacare's Rollout

Guest post by Travis Perry and Dustin Hurst

What is Obamacare?

We already know what politicians think it could be. Republicans believe the health law will soon bring about the apocalypse. Democrats, on the other hand, think the law will bring peace to the earth and begin a utopian state of peace and tranquility for all.

For right now, though, the law — represented by the online marketplaces set up by governments across the land — is pretty terrible. Well, at least that’s what a whole bunch of pundits and news outlets are saying.

Sure, the exchanges, powered by a central operated by the federal government, might make purchasing health insurance easier someday, but first they have to, you know, work. But they don’t. One buyer in Delaware, for example, tried purchasing coverage for 11 days straight before finally succeeding.

The project cost a mere $400 million, or just another drop in the bucket for the federal government.

Here are 10 epic quotes that reveal just how bad the Obamacare rollout has been:

1. Nick Gillespie, The Daily Beast:

daily beast

2. Robert Gibbs, former Obama administration spokesman:


3. Paul Ford, Bloomberg Business Week:


4. Insurance executive, New York Times:


5. Merrill Matthews, Forbes:


6. Andrew Couts, Digital Trends:



7. Ezra Klein, Washington Post:

epic fail

8. Jan Crawford, CBS:


9. The Chicago Tribune:


10. President Barack Obama:

Obama glitches



Barry Popik said...

How does Kathleen Sebelius still have a job? HOW? said...

Too little, too late for these clowns to chime in.

They're full of crap, anyway: this is gratuitous criticism of Obamacare, with which to hide behind when they're called propagandists.

They'll be back on the propaganda track, helping to destroy their country first thing in the morning. said...

Barry Popik:

You ask: how Sebilius still has a job? Who is going to fired, the same people who would not impeach Eric Holder?

First, you should have asked, "How does John Boehner still have a job?" If we got rid of that backstabbing coward and replaced him with a real man -- or real woman -- Sebilius would be out of a job...and Holder would probably be forced to resign.