Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Obamacare Meltdown Continues: $171 Million State Exchange Website Running on Paper; Many States Have Zero Signups

A health insurance website reveals the ugly debacle that is Obamacare:

HHS has released no comprehensive data on how many people have enrolled for health insurance using the HealthCare.gov system...

...Oregon hasn't even tried to open its exchange website ... Vermont -- a thinly populated state -- received a large, $171 million grant to run its exchange and upgrade its technology, but its exchange system is still so buggy that officials are relying on paper applications ...

...In Oregon and Colorado, the official number of completed applications is still zero.

...As of Thursday, Delaware -- a state relying on HHS to handle enrollment -- had not yet confirmed news of any insurer making a single enrollment through the HealthCare.gov system.

As we predicted all along, Obamacare is a complete and utter clusterbungle. And it hasn't really even kicked in yet.

All the efficiency of the DMV combined with the compassion of the IRS. That's Obamacare.

Hat tip: BadBlue Money News.

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Anonymous said...

I understand one of the first things you encounter signing up is the chance to register to vote.
We can hope that just as dRATS refused to enforce DOMA, Ocare in the future will fall to the gutter as well.
The stories of people and businesses hurt by this are deplorable. It shows how far politicians will go to see others hurt purely for the sake of ideology.
Barry is gunning for emotional reactions to continue plying his brand of hate - pretty soon he will find a crisis he can't manipulate and that will be the end of him, his gardening wife and Mrs. Robinson.