Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Fantastic -- Rep. Tom McClintock On The Debt Limit And The Constitution

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Rep. Tom McClintock On The Debt Limit And The Constitution: HayRide
Halloween Mitch: Only Tricks, No Treats: Daniel Horowitz
The Grand Old Punching Bag Party: LI

Bridge Burning and Bridge Building: Erick Erickson
Obamacare website firm's execs had White House access: Richard Pollock
Irony: Obama: I refuse to enroll in Obamacare: Poor Richard

Media: Tea Party Is Racist, Evil, Should Die!: Ben Shapiro
Where is the rest of Terry McAuliffe’s dirty Joseph Caramadre money?: RS
Cory Booker never lived in Newark: He's a Liar!: RWN


Exempt from ObamaCare? Have fun proving it -- or finding out: Ed Morrissey
11,588,500 Words: Obamacare Regs 30x as Long as Law: CNS
Food Stamp Crooks Ransack Wal-Mart: RWN

Obama: I Will Crash Economy Unless I Get Everything I Want: Publius
How bad is the Obamacare signup mess?:So bad we can't even tell yet: Lott
Foodstamp Program Shutdown Imminent?: ZH

Scandal Central

Illegal Alien Heads Obamacare Navigator Program: James R. Edwards Jr.
WaPo Publishes Obama's Letter to Federal Employees, But Edits it for Tone: WS
Riot cop 4314 takes nightstick to elderly vet: FAM


Gohmert: We would be caving on amnesty right now if we hadn’t changed the focus to Obamacare: Scoop
What Media Bias? News Report Says Obama OFA a ‘Non-partisan Voter Advocacy Group’: JWF
Salon Poses A Question Every One Of Its Writers Should Ask Themselves Daily: Stephen Kruiser

CBS News: Maybe Obama should just raise the debt limit on his own: Scoop
Megyn Kelly shows MSNBC’s president who’s boss: BPR
Huffington Haul Detailed In AOL Internal Memo: TSG

Daily Kos Obamabot piping mad about her insurance premiums doubling: Poor Richard
TruthRevolt's Shapiro: We're Watching 'The Bugs Bunny Media at Work': TruthRevolt
Yes, the White House loves this shutdown…and would be wise not to gloat about it in public: David Freddoso

Obama’s OFA’s Imagery Takes A Dark Turn: RightSphere
Another OFA Flop: Around 2 Dozen Protesters Show Up For OFA Anti-’TeaTard’ Rally: Nice Deb
Bullying? I'll Show You Bullying : MB


UK Police Thwart Copy Cat Mall Attack: Jawa
Homeland Insecurity Alert: Dry Ice and Dry Runs: Michelle Malkin
British Muslim Leader: In An “Ideal World” Gays Would Be Executed: WZ


NSA said to collect millions of e-mail address books, chat lists: Steven Musil, CNet
Why did's source code mysteriously vanish from public view?: Greg Sandoval
Snowden's Work History Prompts Debate Over Surveillance of Cleared Personnel: Aliya Sternstein, Mashable


A long way home with help from Google Earth: GoogleBlog
King George III Has a Sorrowful Revelation: iOTW
Chicago man to Harvard: Pay more for rare papers or I’ll burn them: Sun-Times

Image: Valerie Jarrett 'was the architect of Obama's handling of the shutdown...[told] him not to negotiate'
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Find Your Representative, call them, and tell them to HOLD THEIR GROUND

"Twelve million Americans may or may not be exempt from ObamaCare. They may or may not have to prove it through the disastrous ObamaCare exchanges. Whether they are or not, the systems aren’t ready to provide them a path to claim that exemption — and it may be weeks or months before the exempt can register...

...this would seem to be a rather big problem, especially since the federal government will sic the IRS on the non-compliant. In fact, even HHS and the IRS aren’t going to be terribly clear on who qualifies, as the complexity of the law and the exemptions make it a difficult point to discern...

...Meanwhile, HHS ally Enroll America is trying to put a positive spin on the intrusive nature of the government-mandated health-insurance regime … by applying the Nancy Pelosi spin... You don’t know what’s in the program until you enter the program! Yes, that sounds familiar, but not in a positive way. Unfortunately, consumers can’t even get into the program at the moment, and it looks like it will take them a long, long time before they can find out whether they’re allowed to opt out of it, too." --Ed Morrissey

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Reaganite Independent said...

I heard the speech on Levin's show, what a great job Rep McClintlock did indeed.

I always liked that guy when I lived in CA, he's one of us