Saturday, October 04, 2014

INTRIGUING: North Korean General Photographed While Smiling

Good catch by John Jay at Winter Soldier:

i don't care what anyone writes about all of this. it is all nonsense, unless you recognize one singular fact... the north korean general who is in charge of the north korean military, sat as a table with south korean political and no doubt intelligence people across from him, and smiled.

he smiled.

i am 66 years old. in my entire life, i have never seen a north korean military officer and/or official smile.

you can read a lot of things about all of this. none of it will talk about anything as significant as that smile. that smile sent chills up and down the spines of rooskie and chinese officials, everywhere: they know what it means.

As Jay notes, during the entire Korean confict, DPRK officials always sat motionless and never, ever, ever smiled.

So a public smile might indeed confirm rumors that the fat, inbred war criminal running North Korea may be incapacitated or -- better yet -- dead.


Anonymous said...

When Sheriff Joe comes through maybe the Joint Chiefs will smile.

Bruce Hanify said...

Someone probably slipped them a dvd of the Rockford Files!

Redwine said...

He's smiling probably because he knows where the roly poly one is hiding the cupcakes.

Sandy Beach said...

Dollars to donuts john jay is on to something there. You got to love the guy, ole john rights some pretty darn good things.
Hey Doug, thanks for linking to john he is a very note worthy blogger, like your blog, everyone would do well to get a dose of the truth by visiting once a day.

Anonymous said...

If he is dead, will it make any difference to the people of that country.
John Gibson

Grog said...

The goal of NK has been reunification for decades now, but if they start any action without the approval of the chicoms, they most likely wouldn't be acting for long before the chicoms told them to quit.