Monday, October 20, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Ten Things the Ebola Crisis Tells Us About the Obola Administration      

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Ten Things the Ebola Crisis Tells Us About the Obola Administration: Michael Walsh
Cruz Destroys White House Arguments Against Ebola Travel Ban: WFB
"No partisan attorney general should be rammed through a lame duck session": Scoop

Obama ‘Seething’ NYT Leak All About the Midterms: WFB
Obama rediscovers an old accent, tells blacks Amnesty is good for them: Rick Wells
Crowd Leaves as Obama Tries to Rally: Daniel Halper

Election 2014: Latest Polling Tilts Redder: Rich Baehr
If the Clintons were serious about the South, they’d stump in West Virginia.: Moe Lane
Bobby Jindal Puts the Boot In: Instapundit

Democrats’ embarrassing attempt to blame GOP for Ebola collapses: Noah Rothman
Ebola: Politics, Failure, And Opportunism: Derek Hunter
45 Attacks by Gangs on U. of Illinois Campus Since 10/1: ABC-7


School Choice Works Wonders in Ohio: AmInt
Now That They Have A Choice Wisconsin Teachers Are Abandoning Unions: Lid
15 Insane Ways NIH And CDC Wasted Taxpayer Money: MRC

Scandal Central

U.S. Humanitarian Aid Going to ISIS: Daily Beast
101st Airborne Won’t Get Full Protective Hazmat Suits for Ebola Mission in West Africa: GWP
Donna Brazile: ‘Voter fraud is a big ass lie'; James O’Keefe: You’re ‘going to regret saying this’: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

Warmist Neil Bhatiya Has Four Questions For All Candidates On Hotcoldwetdry: Cove
Two Turnarounds: Tim Blair
Fire at Didcot power station means the UK power grid is in for a rough rider this winter: WUWT


Tell Your Obamacare “Fail” Stories Here: Sharyl Attkisson
Reince Priebus Rips Into Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Scoop
Illinois governor’s race: Rauner sweeping newspaper endorsements: DTG

Introducing the Oppression Index!: Jon Gabriel
But It's Not a Cult: GayPatriot
Man Jailed For Legally Owning Gun Publishes Book: Pat Kane

Ted Cruz Schools Candy Crowley on Travel Ban From Hot Zone Ebola Countries: NB
NYT's Frank Bruni: I’m beginning to think this Obama chap isn’t as competent as we were told.: Instapundit
MoveOn.Org Changes Its Contest Rules After Conservative Group’s Video Takes Commanding Lead: DC


The Blood on Obama’s Hands: David Horowitz
Isis: Shocking Image of Baby Being 'Beheaded' Recovered from Phone of Dead Militant: Priya Yoshi
Human meat a specialty in Quetta, Pakistan: EPToday

The Ebola bogeyman: Scott Gilmore
Modi Wave Continues to Surge: AmInt
Nazi War Crimes Suspects Collected Millions In Social Security Payments: LoneCon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Leading U.S. scientist warns deadly virus is already changing to become more contagious : DailyMail
What are tech's biggest blunders?: Gizmodo
Enterovirus Infection May Increase Risk Of Type 1 Diabetes In Children: ScienceWorld


Hitler Finds Out About Ebola Reaching USA: MB
The 10 Best Modern Black-and-White Movies: Bazaar
Three Little Pigs Read by Christopher Walken: Dangerous Minds

Image: Fire in Fresno with rescue by hero in blue cap
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Obamacare, Ebola, ISIS, Amnesty Six!

QOTD: "... the casualties of Obama’s reign in Benghazi are dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands of deaths his policies have led to in Syria and Iraq, and the millions of Iraqis, Syrians and Lybians that those same policies have caused to flee their homes and become homeless in Turkey, Tunisia and other places of refuge. Obama’s legacy is defined by his ideological aversion to American power, his rule as the most anti-military president in our history, and his deeds as an “anti-war” activist, opposed to the “war on terror” because he believes that America’s (and Israel’s) policies are the cause of terrorism and the hatred that Islamic fanatics direct against our country.

Because of his ideological opposition to American power, Obama deliberately and openly surrendered America’s gains in Iraq, which had been won through the sacrifice of thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of American casualties. By deliberately handing over America’s massive military base in Iraq – a country that borders Syria, Afghanistan and Iran – Obama turned that country over to the terrorists and Iran, as his generals and intelligence chief and secretary of defense warned it would. Obama disregarded the warnings from his national security advisers – as no other American president would have – because he regarded America rather than the terrorists as the threat. In abandoning Iraq and deliberately losing the peace, he betrayed every American and every Iraqi who gave their lives to keep Iraq out of the hands of the terrorists and the Islamic Republic of Iran." --David Horowitz

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