Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Ineptocracy Strikes Back!

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Blaming Ebola on GOP budget cuts: The Ineptocracy Strikes Back: John Hayward
You can find out your 2015 Obamacare premiums… after the election: Jazz Shaw
GOP Appropriated More for CDC This Year Than Obama Requested: Erick Erickson

Obama Cut CDC’s 2014 Preparedness Budget By $270M: S&L
The Centers for Disease Control Loses Its Grip: Paul A. Rahe
American nurse with protective gear gets Ebola; how could this happen?: CNN

Time Waits For No One: Richard Fernandez
Americans Die, Obama Lies, GOP Hides: CHQ
President Obama Declares War — On the Clintons: Erick Erickson

Gardner Pulls Away from Udall as Colorado Democrats Face Upset: Rod Kackley
CT Governor Malloy Campaigns Against Firearms Industry: Herschel Smith
Democrats: The polls are skewed!: Moe Lane


Covered California issues $184M in no-bid contracts: Hot Air
WI teachers: politics, costs, lack of choice made us leave union: EAG
Thanks to Obamacare, Health Costs Soared This Year: Robert Moffit

Scandal Central

Ebola Nurse Boyfriend Reportedly Admitted With Ebola Symptoms: GotNews
Texas nurse fighting Ebola receives blood transfusion from survivor Dr Kent Brantly: DailyMail
Top Ebola Virologist: It’s POSSIBLE that Ebola can be transmitted via the air: Scoop

Rebuilding Gaza for the next attack: Cal Thomas
Fat Lesbians Got All the Ebola Dollars, But Blame the GOP: Erick Erickson
Judicial Supremacy – Should We Stand Down And Let It Rule The Land?: Realities

Climate & Energy

Canada poised to outflank Obama on Keystone XL dithering: DTG
That’s going to leave a mark: Owen Paterson To Call For Suspension Of UK Climate Change Act: WUWT
An ethanol surprise in Iowa?: Robert L. Bradley, Jr.


Panetta Book Bombshell: Challenges to Obama's Legitimacy Affected His Presidency: AT
Can You Blame Ebola Outbreak on "Republican Cuts" to Health Budgets?: Reason
Illinois Man Just Humiliated Gov. Quinn in Less than 5 Minutes: BuzzPo

What a Surprise! Hard Core Leftist Agitator Lisa Fithian is Coaching Protesters in #Ferguson: ProgsToday
Kafka Was the Rage: Doron Ben-Atar
City Takes Special Needs Kid’s Backyard Playground Away: RightlyWired

The End of Columbus Day is the End of America: Daniel Greenfield
Dana Crushes Andell Brown On Ebola Death Racism Charges: Dana Loesch Radio
Conservative Government in a Liberal Culture: Mark Steyn


The Battle of Baghdad has begun: J.E. Dyer
Another Anti-Israel bid by Obama: RWN
The Castro Legacy: Untold Thousands of Watery Graves: AmInt

Cheney: 'Very Dangerous Period … More Threatening Than the Period Before 9/11': WS
Report: Islamic Radicalism So Out Of Control In The UK The Government "Has ... Given Up": WZ
Who Is to Blame for "Islamophobia" in the UK?: Gatestone

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Samsung Schadenfreude And The Fall Of The Church Of Market Share: John Kirk
Review Site Yelp Battles Against Extortion Claims: Paul Elias
Virtual reality and the silver screen: A match made in heaven: CNet


Behold The Many Duckfaces of Alison Lundergan Grimes!: Sooper
Viva la Vida: Homeland Version: MOTUS
Romney Cracks A Great Joke At Obama’s Expense: WFB

Image: Behold The Many Duckfaces of Alison Lundergan Grimes!
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Obamacare, Ebola, ISIS, Amnesty Six!

QOTD: "There is only one way to prevent the spread of an epidemic, and that is quarantine. No medical professional with any sense would suggest that we should admit individuals from Liberia to the United States at this time, and no medical professional worth his or her salt would say that we can test for the disease when the prospective visitor arrives at Immigration and Passport Control. Like most diseases, Ebola has an incubation period. Early on, there are no symptoms: none at all. There is no reliable way to tell whether those arriving at our ports of entry have contracted the disease or not. If we do not want it coming here, for a time, we have to keep everyone out who has been in that neck of the woods.

And what are we told by the authorities? That cutting off contact would contribute to the spread of the epidemic. “Just how?” we are entitled to ask. But no explanation is given because, of course, there is none. We were also told that the disease would not come here. And, when it did come here, we were told that it could easily be contained. And, when it was not contained and a medical professional wearing all the proper gear came down with the disease, we were told that he did not follow the protocol.

Perhaps, the medical professional in question really did fail to follow the protocol, though, he apparently has no notion how he fell short. Perhaps, that is it; then again, perhaps not. Honesty would require that the director of the CDC tell the truth — which is, that he does not know how this particular individual contracted Ebola.

But this he cannot say. For that would cause us to worry, and his responsibility, as he and those above him conceive it, is to cover for the President of the United States. In fact, he works for thee and me. Our taxes make it possible for him to draw a paycheck. But this, in company with nearly everyone in the Obama administration, he has somehow forgotten; and so, in a servile fashion, he goes out in public to defend with forked tongue a policy he and every medical professional in the country knows is madness." --Paul A. Rahe


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