Saturday, October 18, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Six Reasons to Panic

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Six Reasons to Panic: Jonathan V. Last
The Protocols of the Elders of Liberalism: WS
Why's Obama sending reservists out of civilian life and into hot zones?: Allen West

Obama To Bring Ebola-Stricken Aliens To U.S. For Treatment…: William Teach
Seeing Ebola Through Obama's Eyes: Cliff Kincaid
Why I Oppose Barack Obama: John Hawkins

Illegals Now Bringing in Leprosy: Tea Party
Australia: No Visa? You Are Not Welcome Here: Yehuda Remer
Africa: Border Closures Saved Us: AP

Obama appoints Ebola czar… and we are so screwed: RS
Did You Know We Already Had an Ebola Czar?: EIB
Dianne Feinstein May Retire If GOP Takes The Senate: Downtrend


Government: where people fail upward: JWF
Common Core Question Even Dumber Than You Can Imagine: PunditPress
The social democratic state is destroying Europe: Daniel J. Mitchell

Scandal Central

Another Secret Service scandal: Agents tried to enter home of Obama critic using fake warrant : Unyielding
REPORT: Karl Rove kept public from learning about WMDs found in Iraq in 2004: Scoop
Gun Control Hypocrites: Democrat Representatives Use Gun To Repel Armed Robbers: GJWHG

No Evidence to Support Civil Rights Charges Against Officer Darren Wilson: Scoop
DHS Started Expediting Visa Extensions from Ebola Countries in August: Sarah Rumpf
White House celebrates another Muslim holiday... for the first time ever: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Federal Government Posts Article Blaming Ebola on Global Warming: MB
2008 NASA: Arctic Ocean Could be Mostly Ice Free in 2013: AmDigest


Rand Paul Engages in Fearmongering By . . . Accurately Citing CDC Advice on Ebola Exposure: Patterico
Philadelphia Mayor: Young Black Men Are Not Responsible For Their Actions: Downtrend
Bus Driver Organizes Black Mob Violence Against White Family: Colin Flaherty

Bush Didn't Lie: Deroy Murdock
New York Times Story Covers Up Hamas Destruction of Gaza Antiquities: CAMERA
Frank Luntz on CBS: 'Collapse in Confidence' of Government, Media: CNS


UNREAL: U.S. Soldiers Get Just Four Hours of Ebola Training Before Deployment To West Africa: WZ
Good news: ISIS is training an air force: Noah Rothman
While the world watches IS, Iran quietly advances: Times of Israel

Kerry Links ISIS Recruiting Success to Israel: IPT
Thugs on the Temple Mount: David M. Weinberg
Tamaulipas Tuitera/ Blogger Kidnapped and Killed: Borderland Beat

Didja Know About 550 Tons of Yellowcake Uranium Bush Shipped Out of Iraq to Canada?: DailyPundit
The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority: Ben Shapiro
A Shocking Demonstration Of ISIS Brutality Just Took Place On The Streets Of London: WJ

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tiny Box Promises To Keep You Anonymous On The Internet: ReadWrite
Of Mice and Men: CDC Answers 11 Ebola Questions: Sharyl Attkisson
A 3D Printed Cast That Can Heal Your Bones 40-80% Faster: Sarah Buhr


Three Days and Counting...: Mark Steyn
Ebola: It Continues to Taunts Us: MOTUS
Ultimate Warrior: One-Third Of WrestleMania VI Competitors Now Dead: ThePostGame

Image: Obama says Ebola quarantines could make things worse
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Three Days and Counting...

QOTD: "Eli Lake at the Daily Beast has a piece out which is quite interesting as a follow-up to the New York Times’ expose earlier this week on the undisclosed massive chemical weapons finds in Iraq during the Bush presidency.

Lake has several sources who answer the question of why, if our troops were finding chemical weapons in significant quantities in Iraq as early as 2004 and some were becoming injured as a result of contact with those weapons, the Bush administration didn’t trumpet the discoveries as proof it wasn’t lying about Saddam Hussein’s weapons-of-mass-destruction program.

The answer? Because Karl Rove didn’t want to fight that battle anymore.

...Rove is a loser, to put an overly fine point on it. He doesn’t have the ability to move public opinion in a way favorable to the Republican Party because he doesn’t offer good political strategy. Rove wouldn’t even use truth to defend his boss from provable lies told by power-hungry leftist demagogues. Nobody like that should ever get access to major electoral campaign resources again." --The Hayride

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