Friday, October 31, 2014

I have an APB out for Karl "WMD" Rove

Ever since the revelation that Karl Rove suppressed news of WMDs in Iraq at the height of the war, the mischievous little imp has been curiously missing from the airwaves.

Won't you please help us find this loser?

Not because we find him useful, but so that we know where he is at all times and can prevent him from further damaging this country.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


JeffersonOh said...

Just saw him on Fox. I changed the channel.

Anonymous said...

Doug, are you absolutely positive you wanna go there? How about a collection to keep him "disappeared"?


Anonymous said...

Rove was one of the "masterminds" behind the Mississippi corruption vote. He is a Bush Republican - as are, in my opinion, all the Republican leadership. He should be shunned by Conservatives. I really dislike it when I see that Fox News and Hannity still cater to his so-called brilliance. Rove is a traitor to this country and it's conservative principles. He should be irrelevant by now. We should be so lucky that he has gone away.

commoncents said...

Friendly Reminder: The economy was better in 2006 (GOP Control) than in 2014 (Democrat Control):

Anonymous said...

I don't want to know what twisted thinking led him to give the Dems so much support for their lies, but I never trusted him, and now even less.

Some people I met at the time who were involved told me privately that there were indeed WMD, so I've always know it was a lie.

And don't forget that lead investigator David Kay said, that Iraq was probably far more dangerous than we suspected, and it was good we went in when we did.