Saturday, October 25, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats Continue to Step on Rakes

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Democrats Continue to Step on Rakes: Jon Gabriel
Early Voting for GOP is Unprecedented: "This has never happened before": LI
The White House Gaslights America on Immigration: Leon Wolf

Super: NYC Ebola Patient Traveled Around Entire City Since Last Week: JWF
New Ebola screening is an epic failure: RS
Why are all Ebola patients Obama voters?: Ushanka

"Pro-Gun" Democrat Senator on Tape Advancing Anti-Gun Views: GotNews
A Stark Contrast in Iowa: Phil Kerpen
Why the House Will Stay Republican: Michael Barone

Congressman: "Republic is Dead" if Obama Implements Amnesty: ConTrib
Watch Hillary Say One of the Stupidest Things You'll Ever Hear: Sooper
Martha Coakley Seems To Be Blowing Another Election In MA: Doug Mataconis


Coburn releases his final government Wastebook: PersonalLiberty
Read Kay Hagan's Pro-Socialist, Pro-Marxist College Thesis: GotNews
Marysville Shooter’s Mom Is High Ranking School Board Official: GotNews

Scandal Central

Obama Covered Up Emails For Eric Holder In Fast And Furious Scandal: Western Journalism
DOJ Stands Aghast, “exasperated”, at Leaks From DOJ: Treehouse
Watch a Milwaukee Election Worker Get Angry at Voters: MediaTrackers

Valerie Jarrett Key Player in 'Fast & Furious' Cover-Up After Holder Lied to Congress: JW
NYC Health Commissioner Wrongly Claims Ebola Patient Self-Isolated: WS
NYPD Stunner: Cops Exit Ebola Victim Apartment, Dump Gloves, Masks In Sidewalk Trash Can: ZH

Climate & Energy

Professor Proclaims We Must Terminate Industrial Civilization Because of Global Warming: MB
Gulp: The Very Scary Climate Cost Of Halloween Candy!: RWN


The Pesky Similarities Between Thomas Duncan and Dr. Craig Spencer Deserve Inquiry: Treehouse
‘Armed citizenry’ is the best deterrent to terrorists, and Canada attack proves it: BPR
Protesters Obstruct Entrance at George Will's Miami University Speech: CI

Idiot Andrew Cuomo: Ebola Patient Went Bowling, Took Cab and Subway, But No Reason to 'Worry': CNS
WAPOs Glen Kessler: KY Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes Should Be Ashamed of Herself: Lid
BOO-HOO: He's Really Sad He Wasn't Able To Disarm You Before Fleeing Office: Diogenes

Cruising the Web: Betsy's Page
CNN Anchor: You Know What's Funny? When a Woman Gets Beaten Up: GayPatriot
CNN’s Carol Costello Learned Nothing From The Firing of Martin Bashir: Glob


Canada on its Knees: Taki's Mag
Russia Continues to Test America's Weakness Under Obama: MB
It's time to beat the Jew haters: Caroline Glick

NYC Hatchet Suspect Posted Pro-Jihad, Anti-US Comments: S&L
NYC Hatchet Attacker’s Facebook Page Featured Islamic Warrior: WFB
Sisi convenes emergency meeting after Sinai terror attack kills dozens of Egyptian troops: JPost

Russian Jets, Ships, Subs Invade Europe: AmInt
Down with the embargo, long live the embargo: Alberto de la Cruz
Transgender troops say they want to serve openly: AirForceTimes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

FTC: "Tech Support Reps" Pretend To Be From MSFT, FB, Scammed $2.5M From Consumers: Consumerist
Antitrust Experts To FCC: Comcast/TWC Merger Is A Terrible Idea: Kate Cox
The Queen Sends Out Her First Tweet: DigitalTrends


Oops! No Need to Panic!: MOTUS
Anti-Israel restaurant receives funding from John Kerry’s wife’s foundation: WFB
Oops, he did it again!: Sondrakistan

Image: Egypt's Sinai in lockdown after suicide blast kills 30 troops
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Obamacare, Ebola, ISIS, Amnesty Six!

QOTD: "These are deceitful hack politicians and the American people have to decide if they like the direction the country is going in. Do you want chaos on the border? Do you want immigration amnesty? Do you want massive debt? Do you want more redistribution of wealth? Do you want more nationalization of healthcare? Destruction of jobs, outsourcing of jobs? If you like it, then vote for your Democrat. The fact of the matter is none of these Democrats that are running are moderates; they're all radicals. None of them believe in small government. They all believe in massive centralized government. None of them believe in the working man and the citizens of this country. They spend more time worrying about illegal aliens and how they're going to be taken care of and so forth and so on, the Democrat party is a disaster. It's become a radical party. I have problems with the Republican party but the Democrat party really has lost its way and they need to get a good swift kick in the ass in this election." --Mark Levin

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