Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CHART O' THE DAY: Who Trusts Which News Sources?

RedState's 'streiff' ("Why @BuzzFeed isn’t trusted by anyone explained in one post") points us to some excellent charts from Pew Research on political polarization and the media.

Here's my favorite:

...At least as important as where people turn for news is whose news they trust. And here, the ideological differences are especially stark.

Respondents were asked whether they had heard of each of the 36 outlets listed in the accompanying graphic. For those they had heard of, they were asked about their trust – or distrust – in each source.

Liberals, overall, trust a much larger mix of news outlets than others do. Of the 36 different outlets considered, 28 are more trusted than distrusted by consistent liberals. Just eight earn higher shares of distrust than trust. Still, among those eight, the levels of distrust can be high: fully 81% of consistent liberals distrust Fox News, and 75% distrust the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Among consistent conservatives, by contrast, there are 24 sources that draw more distrust than trust. The same is true for 15 sources among those with mostly conservative views. And, of the eight outlets more trusted than distrusted by consistent conservatives, all but one, on balance, are distrusted by consistent liberals.

Also at play here is the degree to which people are more familiar with certain news sources than others. Some outlets such as CNN, ABC News and Fox News, are recognized by at least nine-in-ten respondents, meaning that more respondents offer a view of these outlets one way or the other. Outlets currently occupying more niche markets, such as Politico, the Economist or BuzzFeed, are known by only about a third of respondents. Thus, while they may elicit strong views in one direction, the share of respondents weighing in is relatively small.

Ben Smith hardest hit.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Doom said...

That's very bad... for conservatives. Very bad indeed. Then again, I knew the gig was up. Priebus as the chairman, Christie as head of Republican governors, Boehner as lead in congress... Yeah... I guess this explains that. Bleh. Which is why I won't be voting. No need, or use.

directorblue said...

@Doom, far be it from me to defend the likes of Johnny Boener and Mitch McGutless, but I'd recommend voting unless this kind of thing appeals to you.