Saturday, October 11, 2014

DEMOCRAT COMRADES: Now is the Time to Embrace Dear Leader!

By The People's Cube

Comrades, I'm confused as usual. What do we do? Our party seems to be distancing itself from Dear Leader at election time. Dear Leader's greatest ability other than golf, vacations, blaming rethugs and George W. Bush <spit>, blaming teabaggers, blaming Reagan <double spit>, blaming the Founding Fathers <triple spit>, reading from his teleprompter, and lecturing the country is to campaign.

Yet our party is not using his most glorious talents. They seem to be running away from Dear Leader. But Dear Leader is the greatest and most glorious leader the world has ever had. Our party has made this abundantly clear. He won two terms for Marx's sake! He has stopped the rising of the seas! He is the one we have been waiting for! He has created so many phantom and part time jobs!

So why is our party trying to hide from Dear Leader? In that reichwing hillbilly state of Kentucky, our party's nominee wouldn't say whether she voted for Dear Leader. The Daily Mail has a horribly disrespectful headline about this. What's the matter with her? Dear Leader is so wonderful that even Mitch McConnell <spit> should claim to have voted for Dear Leader even though McConnell is a racist who probably voted for Romney. Britain's Telegraph is claiming the love affair with Dear Leader is over.

What do we do, Comrades? Do we do what the party is doing and avoid Dear Leader? Do we not send in our $3 contributions when he repeatedly auctions off a dinner with himself and FLATUS (where we sit at the table and watch her eat her meals AND ours)? Do we not admit we voted for him? We're told the party is always right. But abandoning Dear Leader is rotten, racist, and seems just plain wrong. It's just not right that we should have to choose Dear Leader or our party.

Maybe we should override the party? Perhaps create a group that makes it clear that we are sticking by Dear Leader? Shouldn't we point out that Dear Leader IS the party? Without him, the party is nothing and all that?

Hat tip: @AmericanPowerBlog.

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