Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Sober, Deliberate Competence of the Obama Administration Expressed in a Single Tweet

Holy shnikeys! It's either a real crisis or a major polling disaster for Democrats. Please. Sit down. President Obama. Canceled. A fundraiser!

Oh, wait. It's not a crisis. President Obola has returned to the fundraising circuit.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


Andrew_M_Garland said...

Progressovirus has devastating effects on mental functioning. Logic, consistency, and reserve are suppressed, leaving only the desire for immediate gain and gratification.

The ability to speak with sincerity and without regard for their own prior statements or the pleadings of others seems to be an advantage in politics. Possibly 40% of the public is also infected, mesmerized and accepting of a stream of self-congratulatory Word Salad.

About 40% of the populace seems uninfected or immune, possibly because of tighter neuron spacing, greater intrinsic electrical activity, brain plasticity, and location outside city centers. The effect on 20% of the population is confusion and an inability to focus, the so called "undecideds".

Progressovirus sufferers are able to take resources from the uninfected without remorse, indeed with a sense of "getting even". They feel entirely correct and blameless in all thoughts and actions. Their living standards are reduced, but they remain content while there are no visible uninfected within their activities and community.

Some few cases of spontaneous recovery have been observed. No effective treatment is known despite intense research. Zombievirus may be a particularly debilitating mutation.

Anonymous said...

Probably thinks he can scam more money by siphoning it off of funding for "ebolee", than by fund raising.