Monday, October 13, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: I have a question for President Obama

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I have a question for President Obama: Erick Erickson
Ebola-infected Dallas hospital worker followed all CDC procedures: Thomas Lifson
Boston hospital evacuated after Liberian traveler shows symptoms: Daily Mail

Enterovirus D-68 Infections More than Double in One Week in California: Breitbart
Ebola Spreading, ISIS Winning . . . Obama Golfing: WZ
Mexican drug cartel known for beheadings controls Nebraska meth trade: Marathon

From Comedy to Farce: Victor Davis Hanson
Exclusive: The Name of the Nurse Who Got Ebola: GotNews
FBI Chief: Citizens Should Be 'Deeply Skeptical' of Government: Todd Beamon

Pop Quiz!: Ace
A Political Warrior Rises In Oklahoma: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Bruce Braley denies Michael Bloomberg once. …So far.: Moe Lane


World Health Organization Can’t Wait to Tax You: Ben Howe
Obama CDC did not monitor anyone who came in contact with Duncan: FAM
INSIDER: Ebola Fears Drive Patients From Dallas Hospital: BMW

Scandal Central

The Enterovirus D68 and President Obama’s Executive Order #13295: Treehouse
Obama: You Can't Get Ebola 'Sitting Next to Someone on a Bus;' CDC: 'Avoid Public Transportation': CNS
Florida State Hindered Jameis Winston Rape Investigation, Claims Report: Breitbart

Climate & Energy

IRONY: Anti-Coal Protest Fails When Solar Battery Can’t Fill Up Smokestack-Shaped Balloon: RWN
Five regs a GOP Congress would target: Benjamin Goad, The Hill
Why Oil Is Plunging: The Other Part Of The "Secret Deal" Between The US And Saudi Arabia: ZH


Twitter CEO: Employees Receiving Death Threats From ISIS After Suspending Jihadist Accounts: WZ
NBC Crew Violated Ebola Quarantine: WS
Tales from the Clinton White House: AP

A Psychiatric Take on Obama’s Refusal to Close the Borders to Ebola: MB
Liberal bias in academia is destroying the integrity of research: Naomi Schaefer Riley
Dr. Aileen Marty tells Fusion what she saw fighting Ebola in Nigeria: Fusion

Will Blacks in North Carolina, and Elsewhere, Continue to Buy the Liberal Line?: Star Parker
The Constitution v Sharia…: Liberal Logic
Lancet editor in editorial regrets, but does not retract, Gaza letter: JTA


Report: Photographs of Kurdish fighters' bodies suggest chemical weapons use by ISIS: JPost
UN warns of looming ‘massacre’ in Kobani: Times of Israel
Did members of terrorist group cross Mexican border? Answer remains unclear: McClatchy

The Brookings Institution and Qatar – The Money, Power and Influence Behind Global Terror: NoisyRm
CAIR asks for probe into shooting range that refuses to cater to Muslims: Dylan Stableford
Captured by ISIS and sold into slavery: 15-year-old Yazidi girl tells of her horrific ordeal: DailyMail

Expert: ‘Very real’ chance U.S. soldiers deployed to African hot zone will get Ebola: Hot Air
Rep. Smith: Obama Gave $227 Million To Group Implementing Mandatory Abortion In China: Sierra Marlee
The Kobani slaughter: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

USS America: The Navy's Newest Flattop Can't Decide What The Hell It Is: Tyler Rogoway
Nielsen’s Ratings Problem Is a Total Glitch: LostRemote
Stop Hoping – Start Facing: WRSA


Super Scary Clowns Are Terrorizing California: BuzzFeed
Watching Ferrari’s Sexy California T Get Covered in UV Paint Is Mesmerizing : Car and Driver
Quantitative Uncoupling or Conscious Uneasing: MOTUS

Image: Exclusive: The Name of the Nurse Who Got Ebola
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Obamacare, Ebola, ISIS, Amnesty Six!

QOTD: "...Jonathan Dach is the son of an influential Obama donor and Walmart lobbyist with ties to the First Lady's "healthy eating initiative". Two years ago, Dach Jnr was part of the White House advance team dispatched to Cartagena ahead of the President's visit. The evidence from the hotel register conclusively proves that he had a prostitute in his room. But the White House hushed it up, on the grounds that he did not actually bill US taxpayers for his hooker. How did that happen? Well:

Dach "was not charged for additional guest as a benefit of Hilton Honor Member."

So under the Hilton Honors program the first hooker stays for free. Who knew? Did young Jonathan Dach only have all those points on his Hilton card because he was doing so much presidential travel? In which case, his complimentary hooker was in a sense a perk of office.

Anyway, when he paid off the prostitute and came back from Colombia, Jonathan Dach was given a job at the White House "working on Global Women's Issues". In Cartagena, he was working on Global Women. Now he's working on Global Women's Issues. Ah, well. There's no real need for US officials to travel to Latin America, is there? We're trending quite Latin-American enough in Washington: The Democrats and media have trained the public to accept a certain level of government corruption as perfectly routine, no matter how absurd and obvious it is." --Mark Steyn

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