Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Biff Spackle Unveils the Spackle Decision Desk

Remember the movie 300, when King Leonidas punted the messenger of Xerxes into a bottomless pit while reminding him that "This. Is. Sparta."?

It would seem that America may be a few days away from drop-kicking the Democrat Party into the same pit while shouting "This. Is. America."

Here are the latest midterm election updates from our summer intern, @BiffSpackle:

GOP has big lead in South Dakota early voting

@ArgusMontgomery reports on how the GOP is winning the early vote in SD,

Poll: Young people ‘definitely voting’ actually want the GOP in charge

@CGDeaton reports how the latest poll that has Millennials wanting Republicans in control of the Senate,

Colorado's election 'day' nearly half over; signs of anxiety on left

@ByronYork reports on how the Dems are failing to get votes in Colorado’s first mail only election,

Michelle Nunn Plays Ignorant Over 'Prevent Another Ferguson' Flier

@AlexPappas catches Nunn pretending to be ignorant about the Ferguson flier,

Eight Democratic Candidates That Are Embarrassing Their Party

@GCDickens details 8 gaffes from Dems that embarrass their whole party and the MSM ignored,

#Fail: New York Times, Politico Reporters Dismiss BuzzFeed's Joni Ernst Hit

@NolteNC reports on how the latest attack against from BuzzFeed is getting torn apart by MSM reporters,

Hagan Twist Herself Into A Pretzel Refusing To Say If Obama Has Done A Good Job

@IJReview has the tape of Hagan twisting her in knots trying to avoiding commenting on Obama,

Poll: Walker Leads Burke By 7 Points In Wisconsin

@RNCResearch breaks down the latest poll that has Walker up big,

Take Cosmopolitan seriously -- it's using shirtless male models to get out the vote

@KarinAgness writes about Cosmo’s latest form of talking down to young women by inferring that they will only show up to the polls if topless models take them,

It Happened Again! Crowd Caught Leaving as Obama Is Still Speaking

@stuntbrain has the tape of a crowd leaving while Obama was talking,

Dem Fail of the Day: Begich doubles down on sexist attack

@AmandaCoyne reports on how Begich continues to belittle Lisa Murkowski,

Hat tip: Masked Avenger.

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