Sunday, October 12, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Just in time for the midterm elections, another case of Ebola in our open borders U.S.

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Just in time for the midterms, another case of Ebola in U.S.: Dallas
10 Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors Diagnosed With TB: CNS
Michigan Toddler Becomes Sixth Death From Enterovirus D68 : Treehouse

Luis Delcid-Cardona, illegal Alien from Guatemala, kills three NJ teens: FAM
Commies and Cop-Haters threaten to shut down Cardinals game: GWP
As ISIS Circles Baghdad, Obama Arrives in SF For 2 Days of Fundraisers: HAP

President Obama Has Lost Our Trust: Rick Jensen
Prostitute Scandal: Dems Returned $20K Check to WH Aide’s Dad: Keith Koffler
Don’t Scare Us, Prepare Us: Michael Reagan

Hillary's reputation for competence at State erodes from within: Lee Cary
Obama vows he’s ‘not finished’ after naming new monument: The Hill
Grimes (KY-D Cand) Really Doesn’t Want To Admit She Voted For Obama: OTB


School officials abuse 5 year old who drew something resembling a gun: ProWis
Under Common Core, Children Taught Jabberwocky Math: MB
GM Recalls 97,540 Cars for Stalling, Yearly Recalls Now Total 76: Automnews

Scandal Central

Move over Lois Lerner: Lawsuit Says IRS Destroying Evidence Again: CFIF
The Return of the Cartagena Hooker: Mark Steyn
Friday Document Dump: Clintons Wanted to Force Militias to Register With Federal Goverment: Sooper

Climate & Energy

Inconsiderate Mr. Krugman: Cafe Hayek
EPA Withdraws From Clean Water Case, Farm Bureau Declares Victory: Andrew Jenner
Phoenix Light Rail Update: We Spent $1.4billion+ to Reduce Transit Ridership: Coyote


Biden says he’s Praying for the Shooting of a High Profile Victim to Push Gun Control: BuzzPo
CNN Keeps the Cartagena Hookers Under Wraps: Ed Driscoll
Lewis Black’s ridiculous rant against voter ID destroyed with a single tweet: Twitchy

Culture Wars All the Way Down : Jonah Goldberg
The Walking Dead in an Age of Anxiety: Michael J. Totten
Decorated Vets Respond to ISIS’ Online Threats: IJR


The Best Speech I've Ever Heard: Scoop
Air Force Pilots Say They Have No ISIS Targets To Bomb, Getting Clearance “Painfully Slow”: WZ
UK: Street preacher charged with “religious aggravation” for comparing Jesus and Muhammad: Robert Spencer

Kurdish Female Fighter Allegedly Kills ISIS Top Commander In Street Fighting In Kobani: WZ
Arab-Israeli Hamed Mohammed Habashi 'Killed Fighting for Isis in Iraq': Tom Porter
Peters: US Airstrikes Not Working – Obama Must Want Islamist State in Damascus: GWP

Russia Deploying Tactical Nuclear Arms in Crimea: Katie McGuire
Bombings kill 45 in Shi'ite areas of Baghdad and outskirts - police, medical officials: Reuters
Worst Ebola epidemic in history: RT

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

SHOCKING: Doctor in Liberia Explains MILLIONS Wasted in Ebola Fight: R.S. McCain
New Research: Ebola Transmission Rate is Exponential at Early Stages: IJR
MIT Students Claim Astronauts Will Starve On 'Mars One' Mission: PopSci


Rightful Liberty: Continental Congress: Max Velocity
The Next Best Thing to an Ivy League Education: Fashion: MOTUS
Pixel Perfect: American Digest

Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop the Obamacare, Ebola, ISIS, Amnesty Six!

QOTD: "The problems with Obamacare were so bad that they elicited public criticism from Obama’s two living Democratic predecessors. “His major accomplishment was Obamacare and the implementation of it is now questionable at best,” said Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton urged Obama to keep his word. “The president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got.”

The Obama presidency has seen many low points, but this has to have been one of the lowest​—​Jimmy Carter questioning Obama’s competence and Bill Clinton questioning his integrity." --Stephen F. Hayes


Boon Vickerson is out there said...

"Just in time for the midterms, another case of Ebola in U.S."

Ya, just in time to employ a crisis as a means. Like not letting a good crisis go to waste. Like being able to do things you normally couldn't do.
Like stopping an election you know even massive vote fraud, like was employed in 2008 and 2012, would not be enough to keep the democratic regime in power.
So, why not employ an Ebola pandemic, declare Marshal Law and shut down any chance of being kicked out of power by a very angry fed up disgusted American public. After all, these crooks liars thieves and psycopaths running things can not afford to allow the great unwashed masses their say in November.
Just get rid of the entire voting problem in one fell swoop and become the permanent power elite of the former United states.
Easy peasy!
If you can rescind a constitutional election guaranteed by law, no rule law of the land exists, but what "law" you impose on Americans as you see fit to secure your power.
And that my friends is the reason for everything happening to us, all the crisis, scandals, wealth transfer, monopoly of violence and use of threat of violence by "law enforcement" if you refuse to comply.
Everything happening, from gay marriage to the immigrant invasion, from an economy set to detonate and drag us into the pits of destitution, to Ebola, it is all a result or consequence of the actions of those running things to secure absolute power over every facet of the spheres of our lives and keep that power permanently.

There is no voting our way out of this.

If you haven't figured all that out yet, you will. It is as it should be, because then and only then do enough people become manifold in their destiny and fight like warriors for the liberty.

Anonymous said...

It’s President Obola’s Fault. [Period, end of sentence]
The past few days events have become deadly serious on the fronts of the Ebola outbreak and Terrorism.
And yet the country’s ‘leadership’ refuses to take these threats seriously.
For those unfamiliar with the sleazy tactics of the Democratic National Communist Left one of their favorite tactic is to push out a talking point in the form of a headline in the media so all the commies are on the same page.
Such is the case with the Ebola outbreak.
From past experience we know that the Obola regime will respond to their myriad scandals and crimes with a tried and true method:
A) Lie through their teeth
B) Blame someone else
C) Scream RACISM

[not necessarily in this order]
But let’s lay out the facts for all to see:
1). It’s been President Obola’s decision [and continues to be] to NOT Secure the border from Terrorists and Ebola infected illegal invaders.
2). It’s been President Obola’s decision [and continues to be] to NOT stop people from coming from infected areas with a flight ban.
3). Baseline budgeting will make ANYTHING other that an exponential growing of the government to be ‘budget cuts’ – so the Democratic National Communist Left has built in excuse for virtually any crisis.

The CDC talks of ‘Infection control’ but then they contradict themselves disdaining certain kinds of infection control.
Think of it this way – the CDC protocols have people gowning up in Personal Protective equipment (PPE) to keep the Ebola virus from spreading on a personal level.
But at the same time the eschew doing the same thing on society wide level. After all, PPE is merely a way of providing ‘distance’ from the virus. Flight bans from infected areas are the very same thing.
And yet in one case it’s perfectly okay for people to protect themselves, but not societies to do so according to the CDC.
So why is President Obola and by extension resisting the most basic of protocols in infection control?
There are a couple very ‘politically incorrect’ reasons that you and certainly the Democratic National Communist Left will not want to hear.
1). A Flight ban would call into question President Obola’s ongoing decision to keep the border open as a pretext for Amnesty.
[This is the least malicious reason]
If you listen to the BS that emanates from the so-called experts on Not implementing a flight ban you will not hear of any kind medical of scientific reasoning for not doing the most basic forms of quarantine.
Often times you will see them following the advice of W. C. Fields: “If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.”
2). President Obola is taking critical NON-action to punish the country for it’s ‘wrongs’ of the past
(at this sentence, leftist heads are now exploding with pure rage)
But consider this people, what has Obola done that argues against this proposition?