Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WE'RE IN THE VERY BEST OF HANDS: Ebola-Infected Nurse Called CDC to Ask If It Was Okay to Fly. They Said... Yes.

What else would you expect from an administration that proudly proclaims it "leads from behind"?

Not only did nurse Vinson call the CDC multiple times before boarding the flight, she was already running a fever when she called the CDC before taking her flight and they still allowed her to board the flight, which means she was infectious while on the plane...

One health official said to me somebody dropped the ball. I then called the CDC and the agency said that this nurse, nurse Vinson, did in fact call the CDC several times before taking that flight and said she has a temperature, a fever of 99.5.

But the person at the CDC looked at a chart and because her fever wasn’t 100.4 or higher, she didn’t officially fall into the group of high risk. Now I think what’s disconcerting to people is that you would think common sense would tell you, well, after the first nurse, Nurse Pham became sick with Ebola, you would have thought, well, out of an abundance of caution let’s just keep her there and not have her get on the flight.

But maybe we're not borrowing, spending and redistributing enough.

Mark Levin has more information that should infuriate you -- and motivate you -- to vote every single one of Obola Democrats out of office in November.

Nuke them from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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Anonymous said...

There's an elephant in the room:

Hell, the woman's a NURSE - supposedly a Healthcare Professional . . . and she didn't have the common sense to avoid traveling, with a fever, after treating a dead ebola patient, after a coworker came down with the disease . . . she called the CDC because she had doubts.

Doesn't she bear some of the responsibility here?