Friday, June 05, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Clinton Slush Fund Took $10 Mil From African Church That Says Gays are Devils

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Clinton Slush Fund Took $10 Mil From African Church That Says Gays are Devils: JWF
Obama Releases 3,700 ‘Worst of the Worst’ Criminal Illegals Into the US: RWN
Nearly 15% of Illegal Aliens ADMIT They Vote: Stephen Frank

Levin explains how GOP should deal with Hillary voter ID race-baiting: Scoop
Hillary’s high risk faux primary race: RS
Marcus Luttrell: Navy SEAL and hero to you. “Sweaty bodyguard” to the left: RS

Hillary Camp to Media: 'Her Speech Will Be Her Interview': Guy Benson
Protesters meet Clinton fundraiser at TX mansion as valets park luxury cars: Daily Mail
Dabiq: ISIS Could Transport Nuke from Nigeria into U.S. Through Mexico: Breitbart

Our Rights Go Back Much Farther Than the Constitution: Scott Rasmussen
IL-18 Boehner Boy LaHood Ducking Conservative Challenger Mike Flynn: Ace
Jeb Goes from Fragile Frontrunner to Underdog: Amy Walter


40 Million People Will Be Out Of Work Next Year, OECD Warns: ZH
Truth on H-1B Program Starts to Appear in the Mainstream Media: David North
Open Letter to a Liberal Professor: RS

Scandal Central

Dangerous: Sharyl Attkisson Says Feds Have Intentionally ‘Perverted’ the FOIA Process: Sara Noble
Mainstream Media: House Oversight Committee Should Jail Members of Obama Administration: Steven Ahle
Police, Prosecutors Fight Aggressively to Retain Barbaric Right of “Civil Asset Forfeiture”: Michael Krieger

Climate & Energy

NOAA Fiddles With Climate Data To Erase The 15-Year Global Warming ‘Hiatus’: Michael Bastasch
EPA: There’s No ‘Widespread, Systemic’ Water Pollution From Fracking: Michael Bastasch
Vox: Game Of Thrones Is Like Secretly About “Climate Change”, Ya Know!: William Teach


Deadly Knock Out Attack - Mississippi Waffle House Murder - White Victim Attacked: Treehouse
Sally Kohn: ‘I Want My Daughter to Copy the Caitlyn Jenner Model of Femininity’: MRC
‘They Hate Texas,’ CNBC Contributor Says of New York Times: MRC

Vox: Covering your face with a bukake of stupid.: Ace
Boston Terrorist Suspect First Planned to Behead Pam Geller: Ace
Yes, ESPN Named Caitlyn Jenner, Not Amputee War Vet Noah Galloway to ESPY Courage Award: NRO


Pentagon: Iran Continuing Work on Nuclear Systems: WFB
ISIS's Latest Weapon: Damming the Euphrates: INN
The Fall of Constantinople and Islam’s Treatment of Christians: Ralph Sidway

Caught On Tape: Navy Releases Clip Of Russian Warplane "Buzzing" US Destroyer: ZH
Pam Geller on Jihadist Plot to Behead Her; Tells Chris Cuomo He's Submitting to Sharia Law: FreeLight
Floating black hole: Astonishing images show more than 1,000 migrants packed into boat: Daily Mail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

US believes China behind cybersecurity breach affecting at least 4M federal employees: Fox
The collaborative sharing economy has created 17 billion-dollar companies (and 10 unicorns): Jeremiah Owyang
Chinese ISP: China Is Victim Of Foreign State-Backed APT Group: Sara Peters


Classic movie antagonists who were actually pretty much right all along: Medium
Michelle Obama Harvests Future Pollinators Of Amerika: MOTUS
Someone Tackle Joe: iOTWreport

Image: Michelle Obama Harvests Future Pollinators Of Amerika
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QOTD: "...But [the newly revealed Clinton Foundation-Sweden-Iran deal] is the second case I know of in which the Clintons received cash from entities that hoped to obtain — and seemingly did obtain — policy decisions that harmed U.S. national security interests (the other being the dealings that led to Russia controlling a large share of U.S. uranium).

Sweden believed that its national interests were best served by having its companies do business with Iran. This put Sweden in direct conflict with the Obama administration’s national security policy, which at the time called for tightening the screws on Iran in the hope of persuading it to give up its nuclear ambitions. And once Swedish Business interests contributed the first dollar to the Clintons, they put Hillary in a conflict of interest.

Her failure to make the conflict known, in violation of her promise, is serious enough. If a causal relationship can reasonably be inferred between the cash contributions and the State Department’s failure to blacklist Swedish companies, that inference should disqualify Hillary Clinton from any consideration for the office of president." --Paul Mirengoff

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