Saturday, June 06, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: 40 Years of Democrats Saying How Much They Want to Get Money Out of Politics

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40 Years of Democrats Saying How Much They Want to Get Money Out of Politics: Jon Schwarz
Another Controversy Over Hillary Clinton’s Time at the State Department: Fred Lucas
Clinton rivals pounce as her ratings tank: WaPo

Giuliani: I Would Have Already Brought Hillary Before A Grand Jury: RWN
Only Democrats Are to Blame for Obamacare Chaos: RWN
New York Times Implicated in Bogus Rubio Story: Ace

Yet another life ruined by Chris Christie's draconian gun laws: Synnove Bakke
New Jersey Woman Stabbed to Death by Ex While Waiting for Gun Permit: WFB
Unexpectedly: Murder Rate Skyrockets in Baltimore: Jack Dunphy

Mark Levin Describes the Chinese Government Hacking as an ‘Act of War’: Sara Noble
In Chicago, a Public University Tries to Seize Private Property: Bryant Jackson-Green
Meet The NSAC - The US Government's Shadow Spy Agency: ZH


6,652,000: More Americans Working Part-Time, But Not by Choice: Ali Meyer
Disney uses H-1B visa program to hire tech experts, fire Americans: Tod Robberson
BofA's Harris: Great Recession Has Left Lasting Scars on Consumers: Max

Scandal Central

Classic Trey Gowdy cross-examination: Does President Obama have a private email server?: BPR
IRS sends Congress unsigned form letter to brush off demands for Clinton Foundation investigation: Exam
Systemic Corruption Has Destroyed America: George Washington

House Benghazi panel to interview Sid Blumenthal on June 16: Susan Ferrechio
SSA Issued $16.8 Billion Disability Overpayments: WFB
Emma Sulkowicz Creates Faked Rape Porn, Claims If You Watch It, You're a Rapist: Ace

Climate & Energy

Scientists May Have Lied To Promote EPA’s Global Warming Agenda: Michael Bastasch
EPA: Remember all that horrible stuff we said about fracking? Yeah… never mind: Jazz Shaw
Big Oil Calls For Carbon Pricing: Paul Homewood


'She Lied" says eyewitness to United Airlines Muslim Diet Coke incident: FlyerTalk
Political Correctness Is Ruining Fashion: Maria Santos
Scumbag Keith Olbermann Names Ted Cruz 'Worst Person in the Sports World'... for a Joke: NB

The Complex Power Coupledom of Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge: Sarah Ellison
What’s Benghazi Clinton Emails & Money vs Rubio’s Traffic Tickets?: DTG
Press Told There Will Be ‘NO Opportunities to Interview Hillary Clinton’: Alicia Powe


Sen. Cruz to U.N.: Israel is Not a Terrorist Organization: Human Rights Voices
Israel, Saudi Arabia admit secret diplomacy for first time: Daniel J. Roth
Egypt: Wife of Ousted President Sitting on Death Row Drops Bombshell About Hillary: ConTrib

What I would have asked Obama: Ruthie Blum
Report: Obama Plans to Free Up to 10 Detainees from Guantanamo Bay Soon: Breitbart
ISIS show off their US-made spoils of war: Daily Mail

Smash Isis now – or we’ll all pay later: Douglas Murray
Report: China Dispatching Surveillance Vessels Off Hawaii: Wyatt Olson, Military
Lawmaker: Moscow can answer possible deployment of US nuclear missiles in Europe: Tass

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Feds want new cars to come standard equipped with alcohol sensors: MassPrivateI
Hospital’s Tiniest Premature Baby Heads Home, Weighed Less Than One Pound at Birth: LifeNews
NSA Debate Weighs Privacy vs. Security: RWN


I'm the Man that Built the Bridges: KSU OLLI
Viral Video Of New Bigfoot Sighting In Russia: Richard Anthony
This Week’s Prize for Life Imitating Art: MOTUS

Image: Hillary’s high risk faux primary race
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QOTD: "“Nobody worries about upsetting a droid.” This conclusion inspires the altogether more sinister variant of disapproval for drawing pictures of Muhammad, the Argument from Provocation, which should be familiar to anyone who closely attended news coverage of the PEN/Charlie Hebdo controversy and the Garland shootings.

It goes something like this: 1) Some Muslims will react violently to images of Muhammad, which they consider blasphemous. 2) Knowledge of the prohibition and its violent enforcement being widespread among non-Muslims, any activity in which such images are created invites violence. 3) Having possessed this knowledge yet persisted anyway, both Charlie Hebdo’s writers and the organizers of the Texas event were culpable, to whatever degree one cares to assign, for the violence directed against them. All of which is a more polite, circumspect way of saying something nasty: they had it coming." --Varad Mehta

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