Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WALL OF SHAME: Who voted for TPP fast track in the Senate?

Courtesy of Against Crony Capitalism:

It's time to get serious about busting these Republican sellouts, once and for all.

Mike Flynn needs your help today in Illinois.

And in the near future, JD Winteregg will need your help against John Boehner (for an unknown, underfunded contender in 2014, he came amazingly close to unseating the Orange Crust).

As for the presidential race, it's time to start separating the wheat from the chaff. We conservatives need to align on a couple of serious candidates -- I'm thinking Ted Cruz and Scott Walker -- who have the chops to defeat both the Left and the Right. The time. Is. Now.


Redwine said...

Ben Sasse? So sad.

Lance said...

Cruz voted for TPP.

Anonymous said...

The GOP Obama Bozo Republicans don't deserve any more money or support from Conservative voters
Back Trump who is the only voice for American Middle class

Anonymous said...

Cruz just another B.S er

Redwine said...

Trump? The Quintessential Crony Capitalist.

dcnj said...

Bah! Name any politician who isn't a "Crony Capitalist"

on either side. Therein lies the problem my friend.

Anonymous said...

Cruz voted for cloture less than 30 days ago... so his nay vote now is meaningless. ALl of these Mother F'ers are screwing us. Voting on a way to allow a 50% vote on an agreement that is NOT public. That's Bullshit an the antithesis of Democracy. It's time to start watering that tree, my friends.