Saturday, June 27, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Democracy Is Dying; Persecution Is Coming

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Democracy Is Dying; Persecution Is Coming: Rod Dreher
A Land Beyond Law a Lawless World: Mark Steyn
SCOTUS invents new right to same-sex "marriage," outlawing Christianity: WyBlog

SCOTUS Declares Itself God, Redefines Marriage and Rights: Ben Shapiro
SCOTUS Rewrites ObamaCare to Save It: Arnold Ahlert
When Obama Says Jump, John Roberts Asks, "How High?": Aaron Goldstein

Roberts Court and Dissolution of Co-Equal Branches of Government: Politisite
SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling Mandates National Concealed Carry: Bob Owens
What’s Next For Gay Advocates?: William Teach

Be the Best Saboteur You Can Be: Sultan Knish
Supreme Court Ruling – Gay Marriage A Constitutional Right: LI
On Justice Thomas’s Dissent In Obergefell: Camp o' the Saints


When Erasing Symbols of Slavery, Don't Forget the Democrat Party: Anthony J. Ciani
The Monuments to the Framers of The Southern Manifesto of 1956: Lee Cary
Farrakhan: "We Will Kill You All": Right Pundit


We are Issuing a RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015: Michael Snyder
NEA union mandates new government restrictions for homeschoolers: RWN
Report: NHTSA Failed Consumers Over Automotive Safety: Cameron Aubernon

Scandal Central

Why the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage could lead to civil war: Allen West
State: Hillary didn’t give us 15 of Blumenthal’s e-mails: Ed Morrissey
The Redflex Bribery Scandal Reaches Ohio: Jack Baruth

Climate & Energy

The White House Wants Your Doctor To Teach You About Global Warming: DC


Networks Yawn at News IRS Destroyed 24,000 Lois Lerner E-Mails: Curtis Houck
Facebook Post Right After Supreme Court Ruling Knocked it out of the Park: Joshua Riddle
Conservatives Unleash Fury at One-Time Hero John Roberts: Sahil Kapur and David Weigel

Gay Marriage: Just Do It! (And Welcome to It) [First Posted:March, 2006]: American Digest
Ted Cruz's innovative ideas for fighting the gay marriage diktat: AT
Remember When Barack Obama Assured Rick Warren He did Not Support Gay Marriage? – 8/20/2008: FreeLight

Let’s Bring Back Guilt and Shame: R.S. McCain
NYTimes Headline Writer Does It Again: My Right Word
Biased Bureaucrats, Gullible Journalists, and Dylann Roof: Jared Taylor


Is the Obama Administration Forfeiting IAEA Inspections of Iranian Military Sites?: Yaakov Lappin
Iran Courting Native Americans in Canada: Leaked Document: Ryan Mauro
France. The shape its in. A decapitation literally and figuratively: Vlad Tepes

Obama's pivot to Asia does nothing to counter growing Chinese provocations: Christopher S. Carson
Facing a Changing World Balance, Obama Makes Odd Choices: Michael Barone
Who is Responsible for the Atrocities in the Muslim World?: Uzay Bulut

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why China Wants Your Sensitive Data: Adam Meyers
Pluto and Charon Are Coming Into Intriguing Focus: Tom Yulsman
DJI Phantom 3 review: an aerial photography drone for the masses: James Trew


Liberals are playing a racial shell game: Jonah Goldberg
Gay Pride: It’s the New Black: MOTUS
When Words No Longer Matter…: MOTUS

Image: DJI Phantom 3 review: an aerial photography drone for the masses
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QOTD: "...when [Chief Justice John Roberts] did his previous pretzel ruling [on the first Obamacare decision] ... [he] eventually decided it was perfectly lawful to force every single American to purchase a product from a nominally private company.

And we were told that he did that because the toxicity of the decision to strike that down would damage the Court's reputation. So now again, with a care for the Court's reputation, he's twisted himself into a pretzel again. Presumably the same considerations will apply when it comes to same sex marriage.

In that case, there is no point to a Supreme Court. If they can't take the heat of decisions that go against the zeitgeist or the popular mood or whatever fancies and foibles are in the air, then there is no point to a constitutional court. If he's saying we can't take the heat, fine. Then let the legislators who have to account to the citizens, let them take the heat. What polling booth do you go to to vote out John Roberts? What polling booth do you go to to vote out Anthony Kennedy? Scalia's line is not a joke. It is SCOTUSCare...

The judicial branch is in effect now actually legislating and broadening the terms of the law. And that is something that ought to be extremely disturbing to anyone, particularly a constitutional court, but to anyone who gives any thought as to whether we're a land of laws or a land of men." --Mark Steyn

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