Sunday, June 14, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary Clinton Does A Big Do-Over, Gives Big Speech, Trashes the Rich

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Hillary Clinton's Big Do-Over, Gives Speech, Trashes the Rich: Deanna Fisher
Why does GOP assist an “agenda that is both diabolical and destructive”?: Sara Noble
A Few Words On The Defeat Of ObamaTrade: JoshuaPundit

Hillary Relaunches Campaign All Over Again: LI
Hillary Clinton’s Phantom Menace: Debra Saunders
Hillarious: Hillary Names Her Top Two Accomplishments: YoungCons

Republicans Forced to Turn Shirts Inside Out at Clinton Launch: Daniel Halper
LOL! CNN Anchor Calls Hillary Speech Party ‘Pretty PITIFUL!’: Sooper Mexican
Deceptive Camera Angles Make Hillary Event Look Well-Attended: Sooper Mexican

Ted Cruz Stands Alone Against Shariah In America: George Rasley
Man Who Attacked Dallas Police HQ With Pipe Bombs Shot And Killed: Bob Owens
Obama and 'the honorable' John Boehner handed stunning defeat: Obiter Dictum


Obama Admin Moves to Diversify Wealthy Suburbs: LI
“White privilege” and how to spread it around: Paul Mirengoff
Texas Pulls $1 Billion In Gold From NY Fed, Makes It "Non-Confiscatable": ZH

Scandal Central

Hillary Clinton's fifteen biggest scandals: Sarah Westwood
Declassified CIA memo shows Bill Clinton crippled anti-terrorism efforts in lead-up to 9/11: Thomas Lifson
Breaking: ISIS Tweets Pam Geller’s Home Address – Tells Supporters to “Go Forth” and Kill Her: GWP

Climate & Energy

EPA Boss Just Threatened Americans: I’m Going To Come Knocking On Your Doors: Randy DeSoto
The Pecking Disorder: Social Justice Warriors Gone Wild: Cathy Young
Senate Republicans threaten to block confirmation of EPA research chief: Puneet Kollipara


Angry journalist is OUTRAGED! Outrageously so.: Thomas Wictor
The Left Can’t Handle An Inconvenient Truth: Kimberly Ross
CNN Anchor Refers to Dallas Gunman’s Actions as ‘Courageous and Brave’: Josh Feldman

The Democratic Party is Officially Leaderless: Noah Rothman
Hillary Wraps Her Arms Around Obama and Liberals in Kickoff Speech: Ross Barkan
Losing Our Individual Liberty to Obama’s Nudgers: Sara Noble


ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the West: Salim Mansur
“We’re Going To ‘Charlie Hebdo’ You, You Filthy French Sh*T”: Shoebat
'Mecca has been turned into Disneyland’: Michael Kerr

Libya Must not Be Left to ISIS: Sudan Vision
Mass Insanity is Creating a Snowflake Generation: AmInt
Greece: Watching the Wheels Come Off: Maria Polizoidou

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Philae Comet Probe Sends Signals to Earth After Six-Month Silence: Jason Douglas
Security News This Week: The NSA Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Neither Will Israel, China, or Britain): Wired
How to Build a Home Fusion Reactor: Tom Clynes


No Problems...Only Solutions: Springer's Blog
NSA agents 'feel violated' after hackers access their emails: Cube
We Ranked The Phenomenal Jonah Insults In This Week's 'Veep': Matthew Jacobs

Image: Republicans Forced to Turn Shirts Inside Out at Clinton Launch
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QOTD: "It is worth noting that—yet again—initial mainstream media accounts of [the Dallas attack on police regarding] the number of attackers and the claims of automatic weapons use were wildly inaccurate." --Bob Owens

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