Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FEEDING HER LIES INTO THE WOODCHIPPER: Author Eviscerates Hillary Clinton’s Sgt. Schultz Defense

Writing at The New York Post, Peter Schweizer -- author of the bestselling expose of the Clinton pay-for-play money-laundering machine -- responded to Ms. Clinton's Sgt. Schultz defense ("I know nussssssing! I see nussssssing!").

For example, Manchester, NH television host Josh McElveen asked Hillary to explain the reasons for her State Department's approval of the sale of 20 percent of all U.S. uranium to Vladimir Putin's Russian government. Hillary's response: she claimed she had no involvement.

“I was not personally involved because that wasn’t something the secretary of state did,” said Clinton...

The transfer of 20 percent of US uranium — the stuff used to build nuclear weapons — to Vladimir Putin did not rise to the level of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s time and attention?

Beyond being an admission of extreme executive negligence on an issue of utmost national security, Hillary’s statement strains credulity to the breaking point for at least three other reasons.

Schweizer explains that, number one, nine investors who raked in profits from the uranium deal donated a total of $145 million to Hillary's family foundation.

Number two, when Hillary was asked about the $500,000 paid to her husband for a single speech by a Kremlin-backed bank, she evaded and misdirected, stating that "The timing doesn’t work... it happened in terms of the support for the foundation before I was secretary of state."

The reason Hillary ignored addressing the $500,000 direct payment from the Kremlin-backed bank to her husband is because that payment occurred, as the Times confirms, “shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One.”

And as for her comment that the timing of the uranium investors’ donations “doesn’t work” as a damning revelation: In fact, the timing works perfectly... Uranium One’s then-chief Ian Telfer made donations totaling $2.35 million that Hillary Clinton’s foundation kept hidden. Telfer’s donations occurred as Hillary’s State Department was considering the Uranium One deal.

Lastly, Clinton asserted that “there were nine government agencies who had to sign off on that deal”, which is accurate. But she failed to note that not only did the State Department have veto power over the deal, but her agency was the only one whose chief netted $145 million in donations from shareholders.

Moreover, is that really the leadership statement she wants front and center heading into a presidential campaign? That in the critical moment of global leadership, with the Russians poised to seize 20 percent of US uranium, she was simply out to lunch?

Perhaps a review of her emails would settle the accuracy of her Sunday claim. But, of course, she erased her emails and wiped clean the secret server housed in her Chappaqua home.

As Schweizer observes, Hillary's non-answers to serious questions leave us with only two possible explanations: either she was completely incompetent on a critical matter of national security -- or she is lying to the American people.

Peter Schweizer is the author of the bestseller “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich” (Harper), and president of the Government Accountability Instititute.


The MUSEman said...

Well, her excuses are certainly understandable: The call probably didn't come in at 3AM (even accounting for the time zone difference between the US and the USSR - oops, I meant "Russia" ;-)


fjord said...

"$500,000 paid to her husband for a single speed "

Do you mean SPEECH?