Saturday, June 20, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: The Scandal of Murdered Black Americans

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The Scandal of Murdered Black Americans: Bob Owens
Valerie Jarrett profited from tax loophole She and Obama rail against: Thomas Lifson
Liberals Mocking Obamacare Case Have a Big Problem: Phil Kerpen

Pity Hillary Clinton's Admirers: Andrew Ferguson
Hillary now advocating gun bans and no assimilation policy for immigrants: DownTrend
Sanders surge is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton: Jonathan Easley

Rubio to Critics Who Say It's Not His Time: ‘I've Heard That Before’: Nicholas Ballasy
Faith And Freedom Coalition, Senator Ted Cruz: NoisyRm
Foreign Policy Downplayed in Jeb and Hillary Speeches: Michael Barone

Cop-hating Rapper Posts Good-Bye on Facebook Then Shoots Cincy Cop Dead: GWP
Obama’s Hypocrisy on Gun Control: Jean Kaufman
Supremes whack 9th Circus, says free spech applies to church signs, too: Moe Lane


CBO: Repealing Obamacare would boost economic growth: Joseph Lawler
Michelle Obama Arrives in London Wearing a $1,795 Designer Dress: Right Pundit
NLRB Dings Union for Photo ID Requirements: Bill McMorris

Scandal Central

Clinton crony behind Libya memos paid $200K by Brock network: Judson Berger
Benghazi investigators ponder: Is State Dept. lying, or is Hillary?: Byron York
Obama's shameful gun control rhetoric: Daniel John Sobieski

Climate & Energy

Pope improves Armageddon with Climate Change prophecy: Cube
EPA to Monitor Family’s Water Use in Colorado: Elizabeth Harrington
Obama’s EPA Proposes New Rules For Truckers ‘Cause Climate Change: Cove


No Jokes for You: Jerry Seinfeld targets politically correct campus culture: Harry Stein
The Flight From White: Steve Sailer
South Carolina Democrat Blames Charleston Shooting on FOX News: Downtrend

Twitter Reveals Identity of Charleston Shooting Suspect Three Hours Before FBI: Mary Ellen Egan
The idiocy and hypocrisy of the left in two separate tweets: iOTWreport
White Professor Says All White People are Evil, Some Only ‘Less Bad’ Than Others: RWN


Kerry’s Double-talk on Iran: Dr. Rich Swier
ISIS helps fuel record spike in terrorist deaths worldwide: Charles Hoskinson
Colombia: Pope Francis wants to meddle with the “peace process”: Fausta

Israel: ‘We’re On Our Own’: Matthew Continetti
Greek Banks Won’t Let Savers Have Their Money: RS
Little girl who died after being diagnosed with bone cancer inspires kind acts all over the world: John Brodigan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Special Forces soldier, paralyzed in combat, opening rehab center: Dan Lamothe
Why 3D Printing a Jet Engine or Car Is Just the Beginning: Peter Diamandis
This Is What Happens When Machines Dream: Jason Dorrier


WTF! - The Perfect Ticket: MOTUS
The Trans Fat Ban Is Worse Than You Think: David Harsanyi
Man linked to Miami drugs so obsessed with Breaking Bad he 'made LSD tabs inked with characters': Daily Mail

Image: Man allegedly linked to Miami drugs so obsessed with Breaking Bad he 'made LSD tabs inked with characters'
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QOTD: "By the summer of 2013, President Obama had convinced several key Israelis that he wasn’t bluffing about using force against the Iranian nuclear program. Then he failed to enforce his red line against Syrian dictator Bashar Assad—and the Israelis realized they’d been snookered. Michael Oren, the former Israeli ambassador to the United States, recalls the shock inside his government. “Everyone went quiet,” he said in a recent interview. “An eerie quiet. Everyone understood that that was not an option, that we’re on our own.”...

Reading Oren’s new memoir Ally, it’s clear that Israel has been on her own since the day Obama took office... [and as] if to make Oren’s case for him, the Obama administration responded to the publication of Ally with neither silence nor a reiteration of American policy toward Israel but with vituperation, demanding that both Kulanu Party chairman Moshe Kahlon and Prime Minister Netanyahu apologize for criticisms Oren had made. Kahlon sheepishly distanced himself from Oren, and Netanyahu won’t comment publicly, but the episode illustrates precisely the model of U.S.-Israeli relations outlined in this book: A “family” argument where the criticism runs in only one direction. On the one hand, when the supreme leader of Iran calls John Kerry a liar and details plans to destroy Israel, the Obama administration brushes it off. On the other, when a former ambassador writes a memoir based on a diary he kept while in office, the administration loses its mind.

The alliance has faltered to such a degree that Oren is morose. He wonders whether Israel is in the same precarious position it was in 1967, before the Six Day War, or in 1948, when it came close to never being born. Neither option is comforting. David Horovitz asked him, “Are people going to look back in a few years’ time and say, ‘This is what they were talking about in Israel as Iran closed in on the bomb and they were wiped out?’” Oren’s response: “It’s happened before in history, hasn’t it?”" --Matthew Continetti

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