Saturday, June 13, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: State Dept Struggles to Explain Massive Nuke Concessions To Iran

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State Dept Struggles to Explain Massive Nuke Concessions To Iran: Andrew Kugle
Pentagon Official on Obama’s ISIS Strategy Claim: ‘What the F— Was That?’: Debra Heine
The Disgraceful Trade Vote: Dick Morris

Dubai-based Gulftainer and Its Terrorist Ties: NoisyRoom
Citizen Activists Protest Dirty Clinton Deal Handing Over Port to Terror: Daniel Greenfield
Number of Illegal Crossers Rising: KRGV

Clinton Cash Goes Missing for a Controversial 2014 NYU Speech: Pam and Russ Martens
Hillary’s Time-Tested Campaign Strategy: Smear Republicans as Haters: Mona Charen
Surprise: June In Baltimore Is Still Pretty Darned Violent: William Teach

Armored Van With Gun Ports Opens Fire On Dallas Police: Treehouse
Dallas Man in Standoff After Gun Attack on Police Department, Explosives Found: Sooper
Suddenly, Gun Control In The News: BlurBrain


Los Angeles Ranked #1 Place to Live by Homeless People: AT
Sens. Durbin and Sessions Announce Investigation into H-1B Abuse: NumbersUSA
TCS, Infosys face US probe for H-1B visa violations: Times of India

Scandal Central

Did Former Gov. of Massachusetts Deval Patrick Embezzle $27 Million?: Steven Ahle
Did Rachel Dolezal not only fake her race, but fake 'hate crimes' too?: Rick Moran
Dolezal in 2010: Going To ‘All-White’ Tea Party Rally ‘Would Make Me Nervous’: Surge

Climate & Energy

Flashback: Maggine's Farm


‘Radical . . . explosive’ game-changer: Megyn Kelly warns Obama saved most destructive move for last: BPR
Diagnosed With Liberalism: Gavin McInnes
Bill on Hillary: 'I Trust Her With My Life': Right Pundit

Hillary Clinton’s Limo Incident Shames New York Time’s Coverage of Rubio’s Driving Record: Surge
Children Of Transgender Parents Deserve A Voice: Denise Shick
Jeb Bush’s Campaign Is In A Lot More Trouble Than They’re Letting On: Christopher Bedford


Al-Qaida’s Out, Isis Is In!: Jonah Goldberg
Mexico Is Whining About Increased Texas Border Enforcement, Claims It ‘Promotes Division’: John Binder
French Wealthy Have Had Enough: CBN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘The OPM Hack Was Just the Start and It Won’t Be the Last.’: Jim Geraghty
Senators Looking for Answers on OPM Data Breach: Bridget Bowman
3D Printed & Homemade Guns Roundup: Weaponsman


Jerry Seinfeld and the Progressive Comedy Pause: Jon Gabriel
A Trade You Can Believe In: MOTUS
Taxi protest of Uber rolls through Miami on Friday: Miami Herald

Image: SNAFU Time Again for the White House on TPA, Pelosi
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QOTD: "The New York Times [featured] an article [claiming to analyze] the enormous swelling population of the homeless in Los Angeles and its predictable causes.

And so what is responsible for this increase in homelessness? The Democratic City Council? The Democratic Mayor? Decades of Democratic Party rule in Los Angeles? The Democratic Governor? The Democratic President?

No, it's people who work for a living. The Times is claiming that gentrification, the reclamation of old, dirty, dangerous neighborhoods, is pushing people into homelessness...

...If Republicans were in charge, we would know that they are the cause of homelessness. But since Democrats are in charge, we know that real problem is not enough money. Never will it be said that the problem lies in the failed policies of those in charge for decades, or the very fault of many of those who choose such lifestyles." --Newsmachete

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