Friday, June 26, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Supreme Court Ruling – Obamacare Subsidies Stay

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Supreme Court Ruling – Obamacare Subsidies Stay: LI
Ted Cruz tells ‘rogue justices’ to resign and run for Congress: Seth McLaughlin
Roberts Makes Key Factual Mistake At The Start Of His ObamaCare Decision: IBD

Republicans Go On Obamacare Offensive: 'A Reckless Law': Daniel Halper
Scalia's Dissent: iOTWreport
John Roberts rescues Obamacare — again: Brett Logiurato


Why Are We Not Removing All Things Related To Robert “KKK” Byrd?: RWN
Hillary’s Hard Choices: TPA’s biggest loser: Ed Morrissey
Watch Ted Cruz answer questions in the Center Seat on Special Report: Scoop

ISIS in America: The Z Man
FBI Rounding Up Islamic State Suspects: Josh Rogin & Eli Lake
The New Civil War: With Malice Toward All; And Charity For None: Camp o' the Saints

Obama Dreams Of Gun Confiscation: Bob Owens
America’s center on gun control might shock New York: Seth Lipsky
GOP leaders reverse punishment for dissenter: Politiho

All-Time World Champions of Institutional Racism: Mark Steyn
The History of the Racist Democrat Party: Scoop
The book burning begins: Mike Adams


Obama Has Officially Turned America Into Food Stamp Nation: DownTrend
SSA Paid the Dead $46.8 Million: Elizabeth Harrington
Obama’s trade win brings H-1B unease: ComputerWorld

Scandal Central

In Upholding Obamacare’s Subsidies, Justice Roberts Rewrites the Law—Again: Peter Suderman
How the Feds Asked Me to Rat Out Commenters: Nick Gillespie
Hackers Stole Secrets of U.S. Government Workers’ Sex Lives: Shane Harris

LIAR: Chaffetz says Benghazi emails found Hillary DID NOT turn over to State Dept: Scoop
IRS erased Lerner emails even after subpoena: audit: Stephen Dinan
Clinton Lawyer, Soros Back Anti-Voter ID Lawsuits: Joe Schoffstall, Washington Free Beacon


Mark Levin responds to shameful SCOTUS Obamacare ruling: Scoop
Refuting 'Radar Online's' Racist Attack On Nikki Haley: Lid
Video maker sues so it can promote Muslim film in NY subways: Michael Balsamo

Where Waco Is Headed: The Aging Rebel
Anyone Remember Lakim Faust?: MB
E.J. Dionne Totally Knows How To Free Law Abiding Citizens From Their Guns: Cove


Iran's supreme leader is laughing, for good reason: Boaz Bismuth
Is the Obama Administration Forfeiting IAEA Inspections of Iranian Military Sites?: Yaakov Lappin
150 ISIS Sex Slaves Commit Suicide, Some Fed to Dogs: Clarion

Two Men Carrying ISIS Flags Set Off Bombs - Behead Man in French Factory: GWP
Man found decapitated in France terror attack: iTV
Welcome to Animal Farm, D.C. : American Betrayers of the Cuban People: Carlos Eire

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Apple Pulls All Civil War Games Over Confederate Flag Controversy: Caleb Howe
Is the Obama Administration Forfeiting IAEA Inspections of Iranian Military Sites?: Yaakov Lappin
Uber’s Anti-Gun Policy Is Working Out Really Well For Armed Robbers: Bob Owens


Five Depressing Developments on the OPM Data Compromise: WeaponsMan
Here's how much money players lose when they fall in the NBA Draft: Cork Gaines
Roberts to Teach Creative Writing Class: Keith Koffler

Image: Ted Cruz drops fundraising 'money bomb'
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QOTD: "The biggest loser [on the trade bill], though, is Hillary Clinton. Once the TPP and TPA became a toxic issue with progressives, Hillary ran for cover despite spending three years of her term as Secretary of State extolling the deal. Jake Tapper found [45] separate occasions where Hillary endorsed TPP as US policy while at State, but it didn’t end there. Her memoir Hard Choices, published in 2014 a year after she left State, has only one substantive passage on TPP, but it’s significant:

[In it], Hillary called TPP “the signature economic pillar of our strategy in Asia,” and “benefit American businesses and workers.” And she should know — Hillary was in charge of American diplomacy while this agreement was being negotiated...

...Either way, Hillary looks gutless and pandering — demonstrating the antithesis of leadership. In a crowded field, that makes her the biggest loser on TPA." --Ed Morrissey

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