Friday, June 05, 2015

Elderly female mob boss tries race- and gender-baiting while studiously avoiding questions from press

Hypothetically speaking, if I'd amassed $150 million through a massive racketeering and money-laundering operation, I'd be avoiding the press as well. But I wouldn't be running for president.

Hillary Clinton closed a three-day campaign fundraising swing through Texas and New Mexico on Thursday with a rare public appearance at Texas Southern University in Houston and a stemwinder on voting rights.

She took no questions and spoke with no reporters, but angrily complained that Texas voters can present their concealed-carry gun permits as a voter ID, but not their college student identification cards.

Clinton was received with wild applause at the historically black college, but organizers arranged the 8,100-seat basketball arena so that three-quarters of the seats were roped off and empty.

They added rows of chairs on the floor, but 15-foot-tall blue curtains draped all around blocked the view of entire sections of empty seats, leaving the impression that Clinton couldn't fill the room.

The university didn't provide a crowd count, but an arena security official estimated that there were 2,200 in attendance.

Granny Clinton looks very tired and quite depressed.

If she can only avoid indictments, debates and questions from the press until Election Day 2016, she could have a chance.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

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