Thursday, June 25, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: War: Boehner Attacks Conservatives Opposing His Chummy Relationship With Obama

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War: Boehner Attacks Conservatives Opposing His Chummy Deals With Obama: Ace
Establishment GOP Betrays Country Class Again; Primaries Are The Cure: CHQ
Cruz Switches Vote on TPA, but Bill Passes as Obama Twists Democrat Arms: Ace

Why Are We Not Removing All Things Related To Robert “KKK” Byrd?: Cove
This Symbol Should Never Fly Anywhere In America: iOTWreport
Oklahoma Sports Broadcaster Killed By Illegal Deported To Mexico... 3 Times!: News9

Animated Characters: Camp o' the Saints
Judge sentences Tzarnaev to death; terrorists praises Allah and admits guilt: Scoop
Why Do Progressives Resent Reality So Much?: George Fields

Bernie Sanders Is A Thing That Is Happening: Ben Domenech
The Case for Mike Flynn, Republican Candidate for the Illinois' 18th District: Ace
Christie Approval Rating at New Low in N.J.: Courtney Such


Crappy Days Are Here Again: Myron Magnet
Who killed CPS? Report lays out the fiscal felons: Greg Hinz
Obama’s Earth Day Trip To Florida Cost Taxpayers $866K in Flight Expenses Alone: WZ

Scandal Central

Clinton Cash Comix: Thomas Lifson
Who is lying about Benghazi? Hillary Clinton or State Department?: Byron York
Non-Profit Media Matters Accidentally Admits It Works For Hillary – That’s Illegal.: DownTrend

Climate & Energy

EPA Head Gina McCarthy is Simply NOT NORMAL!: Lid
UK MET Office: Fastest decline in solar activity since the last ice age: Eric Worrall
Study: "Missing Heat" is Not Hiding in the Oceans: RWN


Spike It! When the Media Kill a Story for Political Reasons: Charles Lipson
You're Not Going to Believe This, But Easy-Bake Media Is Again Focusing on a Trivial Issue : Ace
Ann Coulter: Nikki Haley Is an Immigrant Who Doesn't Understand American History: Ace

The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media For 2015 is Live!: RWN
Hey Rolling Stone, How Come You Didn’t Put Racist Dylann Roof On Your Cover Like You Did Tzarnaev?: Sooper
Sorry, Josh Earnest, But The Second Amendment Isn’t About Hunting: Sean Davis

Audio: Mark Levin Torches the Left's 'End of Discussion' Silencing Culture: Guy Benson
It's Not About The Confederate Flag – It’s About The Pure Unrestrained Hatred Hidden By MSM: Treehouse
Soft Tyranny in Albuquerque: The Politics of Better Call Saul!: Paul A. Cantor


We should not avert our eyes from the Islamic State’s latest horrors: Marc A. Thiessen
What a Yemeni Missile Teaches Us About the Iran Deal: Thomas Karako
Turkey Chooses ISIS Over the Kurds: Michael J. Totten

Muhammad Cartoons shown on Dutch TV: Geert Wilders
Yes, Conservatives, Islam Is a Religion: Craig Biddle
Greek deal unravels as both sides reject proposals, Tsipras summoned to late night talks: Telegraph

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Tech company finds stolen government logins all over web: Ken Dilanian
Face-Scanning Robots Could Replace Airport Ticket Agents: Kelsey D. Atherton
Dollar Shave Club Raises $75 Million: Jason Del Rey


Officer Sonny Kim represented as hero in illustration by Marvel Comics artist: Fernanda Crescente
Another Skinny, Big-eared Man of Color Wants To Be President: MOTUS
Diddy Tried To Murder UCLA Football Coach: Brian Anderson

Image: Officer Sonny Kim represented as hero in illustration by Marvel Comics artist
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Isn't it time for a real conservative? TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "[The still secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)] will be a "living agreement," and that means that the entity itself, the commission, will then be entitled to make it say different things.

Eliminate provisions it doesn't like, add provisions it does like...

It is a breathtaking event. It says it is "to promote the international movement of people, services and products," basically the same language used to start the European Union.

In fact I have referred to it as a nascent European Union. I don't think that is far off base...

What about this "union," what kind of powers are we talking about? I am of the belief that since the president hasn't been a strong advocate of trade, and his supporters, many of them oppose this kind of a trade agreement, I'm beginning to believe that the primary part of his understanding of the importance of this legislation -- why he is breaking arms and heads over it -- is this union. This international commission that has powers that he believes will allow him to advance agendas." --Sen. Jeff Sessions

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